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taken out by a newb :(

Road Cycling “It is by riding a bicycle that you learn the contours of a country best, since you have to sweat up the hills and coast down them. Thus you remember them as they actually are, while in a motor car only a high hill impresses you, and you have no such accurate remembrance of country you have driven through as you gain by riding a bicycle.” -- Ernest Hemingway

taken out by a newb :(

Old 08-10-11, 08:32 PM
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I'd replace the tire, keep the scuff as a reminder, give your boss plenty of room and let it go. At least you didn't break a rib or clavicle.
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Old 08-10-11, 08:36 PM
don't try this at home.
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When I took a pull for the first time, I got a gentle comment "Don't ride so close to the edge of the road" from the ride leader that was following me. Oh yeah, I can't ride like I do solo! Later, he said "That's a good speed. Keep it right there."

It's better to tell them right away, since it takes a while before someone figures it out themselves. Some never do.

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Originally Posted by gadabout007

My boss doesn't take criticism well. I found a document that covers group riding safety that I think I'll email to all three tomorrow morning. https://www.pearlandcyclingclub.org/safety-SpaceCity.pdf Maybe word it in such a way that I'm trying to make them aware of what they need to know so "they" can stay safe in the pack.
Well there's a surprise.
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in our group rides if someone is pulling in the gutter the rider behind just moves to a comfortable location, he/she ends up being off to the side for his/her pull and pretty much ignored/forgotten. If lemmings jumped off a cliff... [no need to finish right?]
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Sht happens. Let it go. Scrapes are character, and if you think DA chains are a cheap consumable, then you should have no problem with a new tire.
Cat 2 Track, Cat 3 Road.
"If you’re new enough [to racing] that you would ask such question, then i would hazard a guess that if you just made up a workout that sounded hard to do, and did it, you’d probably get faster." --the tiniest sprinter
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So the lead stopped, the rider in FRONT of you stopped successfully, you ran into him from behind and it's whose fault? What's that "look ahead" part of the pdf say?

i'm looking for the thread from the guy you ran into reading "Taken out by an experienced rider "


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I'm not sure I understand. The numbskull in the lead braked hard without warning and caused a crash. Surely he must have known he did something wrong? But whether he realized that or not, how is it that you didn't say something to him right at that moment? Something like: "Don't brake so suddenly!"

I'm guessing there must have been a moment when you were all standing there, you with your scuffed bike and punctured tire, when you could have or should have said something regarding the fault of the guy in the lead? I mean, as a fellow Canadian I understand about Canuck reserve and subtlety, but that seems to be taking it too far in this case. Doesn't it?
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Originally Posted by GP
I'd replace the tire, keep the scuff as a reminder, give your boss plenty of room and let it go. At least you didn't break a rib or clavicle.
+1 - you send them that article and you'll come across as a whiner....

if you're not likin the idea of ridin with the boss again, don't - find a diplomatic way to avoid further entanglements.
if you want to attempt further rides, I'd do them after stipulating that they are 'recovery' rides for you. A nice medium easy tempo ride is a good way for riders to get to know each other; without the onus to be a bike stud.
I'll bet there was a high level of 'gotta prove myself' in that 1st ride, especially since you all knew each other from work. That always leads to a hidden tension which comes to no good.
Personally, if I don't feel comfortable smokina joint with the boss, I wouldn;t ride with him/her either...
... and since I don;t smoke, I wouldn;t ride...
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Originally Posted by longbeachgary
It doesn't really look like dirt, it looks more like salt.
rectal exam bi-product...
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doesn't take criticism well? sorry, i wouldn't ride with someone like that.
there are two ways a newb learns about riding and safety:
1. criticism
2. bad experience
so if he doesn't take criticism well, i would rather not be anywhere near him as he learns by doing.
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A similar situation happened to me on the weekend.

We both failed at communication but I was too close and was being inconsistent (should've been to his left a bit as I was before). Thankfully I didn't fall/bail and all I had to do was buy a cheapie tire to ensure I got home safely.

I shouldn't have been too close and he shouldn't have been worrying about where I was but I'm taking it as my own lesson for sure. If you want him in your group and you probably do (I would), let someone else who witnessed it pipe up and talk to him about it. Ask him things that he should have done, "Hey, did you put your hand down?", "Did you yell SLOW or STOP?" And when he answers reply with, "Yeah I was following too closely", "I should have given more space".

You really need to remember the mistakes you made when you were newbing it up.
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I got 99 problems....
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1. Buy new tire
2. Don't let anyone else pull.
3. Post about damage done on next ride when you get hit from behind.


Leave yourself more space when following newbs. You shouldn't have any trouble holding on with a few more feet between you and the rider in front. If they ask why you are so far behind, that is the time to politely bring up what happened on the first ride.
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Originally Posted by gadabout007
with Di2 there is no such thing as "cross-chaining"
I was going to reply on this, but I see it has already devolved into a crosschaining thread.

You will find a way to discuss the event in a way that will not offend. Doing nothing will ensure the likelihood that it happens again.
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Scolding your boss is like training a dog. You have to do it immediately after the event happens or they think that you are angry at them for something else.
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A lot of comments here-- good, bad and silly. I agree that the panic braking was not a good idea and caused the whole situation. A paceline by default makes it very difficult to have any time to react to situations like this one.

I would start by acknowledging your own role in the crash and mistakes. Though difficult, it's possible you could have passed on the left rather than bunching up and colliding, or taken other actions that may have prevented your part of the crash. I wouldn't even talk about the individual mistakes the others made, just talk safe riding in general to the group.

This might not be adequate for every rider, but it's a good first step. It's a hell of a lot less aggressive than chewing out the others, and it's less likely to cause bad feelings. But some people cannot stand criticism or the thought they even contributed to the problem, so I wouldn't be surprised if someone gets upset.
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