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Capecodder 12-03-11 07:59 PM

2010 Trek 1.5
I'm going to look at a 2010 Trek 1.5 first thing in the morning, any thoughts on this bike? I really hope this bike is as the seller described as I'm getting tired of chashing bikes.

jdgesus 12-03-11 08:01 PM

how much? i had one, i sold it

Capecodder 12-03-11 08:15 PM

He wants $500

Harlan 12-03-11 08:19 PM

Cape Codder you're really looking at a lot of bikes lately!

Capecodder 12-03-11 08:21 PM

Originally Posted by Harlan (Post 13560300)
Cape Codder you're really looking at a lot of bikes lately!

Yep, and they all turn out being nothing like described.

trek2.3bike 12-03-11 08:33 PM

The Trek 1.5 is a fine bicycle. Not perfect but at $400 it would be a great buy. The bike I leave in Europe is one on these.

jdgesus 12-03-11 08:36 PM

yeah, no more than 400, i sold mine for 600, in 2010 (and paid 750)

KtownScott 12-03-11 08:42 PM

I have only had mine a short time, but so far I like mine.

Adrianinkc 12-03-11 08:58 PM

My first road bike was a trek 1.5. It did the job.

RookieRoadie 12-04-11 06:05 AM

I have one, good bike. The 2010 frame isn't as nice as the previous year's (straight gauge tubing instead of butted and whatnot) but the improvement in components is worth it. If it's in good condition $500 doesn't sound too bad to me.

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