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urshurak776 01-08-13 07:37 PM

Hi Everyone. I just joined up. I am a retired Navy Submariner. I did 23 years in Submarines and just took a job with United Technologies and moved to Charlotte, NC (Union County.) To all those who have served, are serving and to those supporting, I say thank you.

qcpmsame 01-09-13 06:25 AM

Hi Urshurak776, welcome bubble head:innocent: glad that you came to the 41 and to BF, thanks for those many years of service. I live here at wing wipe HQ, Pensacola, Florida, the Groton, CT equivalent for aviators and brown shoes. Not to many submariners here but I do know of several that retired here. What is your choice of rides?


urshurak776 01-11-13 12:08 PM

Thanks Bill! LOL :) I currently have a mountain bike (Gravity - from Bikes Direct store in Jacksonville, FL.) I am looking for my first road bike. I am going to start hitting the LBS's, getting sized up, etc. I am not looking to break the bank...yet :)

thedave80 01-14-13 03:01 AM

if anyone is deployed to the deid I have a basic set of tools, good enough to keep the beater bikes here rolling. It's not really a care package but i'd be happy to help keep your ride alive


TXRR 01-22-13 10:18 AM

Thank you

Originally Posted by Drag (Post 15008563)
My wife and I will be adopting TXRR and thedave80.

Drag, First and foremost Thank you,

I received the care package you and your wife sent and it is sure to keep me in Road Bike Bliss for some time to come. Please express my sincere gratitude to your bike club for all the magazines. The candy bars were a hit with the rest of the troopsÖ.

Ride safe

Drag 01-28-13 03:38 PM

Very cool. Got another package for you guys in the works. You guys are the real heroes! Stay safe!

Duke of Kent 02-17-13 02:44 AM

Just wanted to thank all of you who have served, or are currently serving, overseas.

TXRR 02-17-13 10:32 AM


Originally Posted by Drag (Post 15209089)
Very cool. Got another package for you guys in the works. You guys are the real heroes! Stay safe!

Thanks, just an update. Things are going well over here and the cold if starting to fade away. Current temps getting up to about the mid 40s or so. Well have to get back to work take care....

gc3 03-02-13 09:05 AM

Support the 2013 Face of America Bike Ride
Help Support My Participation in the 2013 Face of America Bike Ride

This April 26-28, I am participating - for the 4th year - in an inspiring event honoring our nationís servicemen and women, particularly those with disabilities. You have a unique opportunity to help me celebrate their service to our nation. Let me tell you about it.

The 2013 Face of America Ride is an annual bicycle ride from World T.E.A.M. Sports, a not-for profit organization celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2013. This two-day bike ride from the Pentagon at our Nationís Capitol to the historic battlefields of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania honors our military - veterans and active duty, disabled and able-bodied ó and the true American Spirit.

Like all World T.E.A.M. Sports events, the Face of America brings together disabled and non-disabled athletes to provide inspiration to all Americans. Everybody is encouraged to join as a participant in this immensely satisfying event. If you canít join me in participating, you can still show your support for our disabled servicemen and women by making a contribution. As a veteran myself, as well as a participant, I have agreed to raise funds through my ride. You can make a contribution to support me by clicking on the URL below.

There is no charge for any disabled servicemen or women to ride. Your donation will be applied to paying their event costs, including accommodations, food, bikes and other associated expenses. Other donations and sponsorship support will cover the costs of the event.

World T.E.A.M. Sports is a registered 501(c)(3) organization, so donations are tax deductible to the limit permitted by law. The organization's federal tax identification number is 56-1827893. Learn more about World T.E.A.M. Sports' finances, including past IRS 990 forms, at


Follow This Link to visit my personal web page and help me in my efforts to support World T.E.A.M. Sports

Some email systems do not support the use of links and therefore this link may not appear to work. If so, copy and paste the following into your browser:

marn 03-02-13 04:13 PM

from last deployment somewhere in the persian gulf. loaded some sufferfest videos on my phone to keep me going.

this was taken on our way home.

some of the nicest views i get is when i spin while the sun is setting.

Duke of Kent 03-02-13 11:41 PM

A little different than looking at a wall of an MWR tent in AFG. Damn.

qcpmsame 03-03-13 11:53 AM

gc3, you might want to post this ride in the Charitable Rides forum at the top of the forum's home page. Better coverage for ride support and recruitment there.

Marn, nice pics of your ship, bike/trainer and the task force/carrier group.

Duke, Yep, those sea pics are a different world than yours in the 'Stan, please stay safe there.

To all of you BF and the 41 thank you for protecting our freedoms and the sacrifices you are making.


thedave80 03-03-13 06:35 PM

1 Attachment(s)
I can contribute to this a little bit, a friend took a picture of me during a triathlon on base. The scenery isn't as nice as yours though marn.

armybikerider 03-06-13 04:08 PM

Active duty Army MAJOR stationed at FT Campbell. I'm an Occupational Therapist working with our wounded heros at Blanchfield Army Community Hospital. Been deployed, and stationed at several Army posts around the country.

In a prior life I was a Navy Disbursing Officer/Assistant Supply Officer stationed on the USS Dale - CG-19 out of Mayport FL.

Thank you to all my active duty and retired brothers and sisters.

qcpmsame 03-06-13 08:54 PM

You have one of the most important and toughest jobs I can imagine right now. The Wounded Warriors deserve anything that we all can provide to them in making the long hard climb into daily life. From Navy Supply Corps to Army Medical Service Corps, that is quite a career spread you have had. Thank you for your service, it must be personally rewarding to work with these fantastic people, your work is critical to helping the WW's return a successful one. My favorite group to support is The Wounded Warrior Foundation (I hope that is the correct total name.) Best of luck in your career and in your service.


Drillium Dude 03-18-13 02:27 AM

Howdy from Diego Garcia :)

I stumbled upon this thread today - I normally hang out on the C&V forum and have been fairly active there since 2009. I'm a Navy Information Systems Technicican Senior Chief with nearly 25 years active service; likely to retire in June of 2014. I'm currently one month into my second Senior Enlisted tour here with about 11 more to go.

Bill's got my back as far as CPs go; in fact, I just received my first load of magazines and crossword books from him this morning, so this is a shout-out to qcpmsame: you the man!

To all of you, retired, AD - or just did a tour or two and went on to other things: thank you for your service, and be safe out there - particularly those of you at the tip of the spear.

For the civilians here: thanks go out to you, too! Without your support, both moral and otherwise, our Military would be a lesser entity. My hat's off to all of you who've so generously offered their support to the guys and gals on the front lines. Bravo Zulu :)


chiefDave 03-28-13 09:56 AM

Just retired from the Army, over 24 years AFS, CW4 Senior Electronics Systems Maintenance Technician, 4 combat tours in Iraq from 90-91, to OIF 1, 3 and then OND. Been riding from 2006 in Augusta, and got serious when I got back from Bdad in 2011. Started racing last year and had fun, and have been racing as much as I can this year and have my 10th race tonight. It's awesome to be chatting before and after races and find out fellow racers where born after my first tour down range! No cool deployment pics for me as working in a 4* J-staff did not allow for much unclass line of sight;) Best I can do is a race pic or two.
ToNB CAT 5 going to bring back a break lap 2
Launching about 1.5k out... too bad I got swarmed about 100 m to go lol
Thanks for everyone's service and for those in harms way, be safe, keep your ass down and your head lower and God bless.

gc3 04-29-13 07:59 AM

This weekend I again had the honor and pleasure of riding in the Face of America ride from DC to Gettysburg...104 miles over two was gorgeous this year for a welcome change. This is an awesome and inspiring event put on by World Team Sports to involve and raise funds for Wounded Warriors. This year over 120 severely wounded veterans rode out of the 500 participants. I'm talking double and triple amputees, folks...rolling handbikes or regular bicycles, you can only imagine the challenge for some. This is a controlled group ride with escorts, so we also get to blow through every stoplight and stop sign along the way.

This guy Tim is a beast...rode 104 miles using only one arm, and that with less than 5 fingers remaining...has also ridden San Antonio > Fort Worth

You might recognize this guy from the movie "Battleship"...COL Gadsen is also the Garrison Commander at Fort Belvoir VA

These guys are fearless on the trikes and will bomb down hills at 50mph+

Whether you're patriotic or not...these wounded men and women cyclists are inspiring

Always good company for me...

Siek 05-13-13 07:06 PM

Hey all, just wanted to say hello to all my fellow soldiers deployed right now. Keep it up guys. I'm heading out pretty soon for round two in as many years. Haven't raced since collegiate, but hopefully will be able to get the training time to get back into it by the time I get back this go around. Best of luck to you all.

qcpmsame 05-14-13 05:44 AM

Hi Siek, welcome to BF, please stay safe on your deployment, when it comes up. Thank you for making the sacrifices you have/are making for our freedoms.

GC3, thanks for the report and the pics of the WW ride, this is my #1 cause to support, the men and women are incredible in their determination and drive. If I feel sorry for myself or I think things get tough, I remember these warriors and what they endure every minute and my little petty problems recede. The tandem with the empty boots on the stoker's seat speaks volumes.


Drag 05-28-13 06:06 AM

A heartfelt THANK YOU to all those who have served are or still serving.

And lets not forget those who gave the ultimate sacrifice so that we can have the same freedoms we do today.

Freedom is not free.

Thank you.

branstep 06-09-13 08:07 PM

I'm currently deployed and came across this site and am extremely thankful for this thread. It is a touch of "home" for those of us deployed and those of us eager to get back home and in the saddle again.
Thank you all for what you are doing. Words cannot express how thankful I am that there are still people who take the time to send notes and care packages. As it has already been said, mail at a deployed location is the ultimate morale booster.
I've been in the Air Force for just over 16 years as an AMMO troop. Somewhat new to cycling (about three years) and am eager to get back home and get some riding in.
Thanks again everyone.

qcpmsame 06-10-13 06:16 AM

Hi Branstep, welcome to BF and my sincere thanks for your service and sacrifices for our freedoms. I remember how much mail meant to me any my buddies back in the mid-70's and we were fortunately in a peace time footing then. Please take care of your self, stay safe and keep your spirits up. You can post in the various forums to your heart's content, what ever type of riding you enjoy doing, it is at least some home communications for you, not great but something. All my best wishes and you will now be in my prayers for your safety and strength.


DrPete 08-11-13 01:28 PM

I figured I'd add to this thread since I'm stopping by... I'm out in Afghanistan right now, and I ended up having to turn to mountain biking to get my fix. I think I'd go nuts on a trainer. Terrain is mostly flat, but there are some sections out there where there are some turns, ups/downs, etc., enough to keep it interesting. This was taken by a radiologist friend of mine. It was 118F when this was taken, and a little dusty. The 100-oz CamelBak lasts about 2 hours out there, so it's good that there are plenty of places to fill up.

Gotta take advantage of the down time any way you can. Keeping clear of the razor wire is also generally a good thing. :)

qcpmsame 08-13-13 06:38 AM

Hey Doc, Great to hear from you. Yep, staying clear of the razor wire is a definite must do. Glad you checked in, even if it is on MTBs ;), stay safe in the 'Stan and come back to the world in one piece. thanks for serving and for taking care of our service members over there.


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