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EPICBYTES 01-26-12 03:50 PM

Will it work out?
and those
Thanks, i'm getting into clipless world

climber7 01-26-12 03:59 PM

yep, sure will.

FYI, there are a couple of systems. "SPD" is a two-bolt system, used mainly on mountain bike pedals. "SPD-SL" (shimano) or Look pedals use a three-bolt system, which includes most road pedals. speedplays use a four-bolt mount, but you can get an adapter for three-bolt shoes. the shoes will say which pedals they're compatible with (2-bolt/2-hole, 3-bolt/3-hole, etc.).

those shoes work with 2-bolt and 3-bolt, and the pedals are SPD-SL, which means three-bolt.

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