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yallgotfakepoo 04-01-12 07:50 AM

What Shifters Should I Get
I'm in the market for some new brifters to work with a double Ultegra 6600 setup. I could just get 6600 shifters, but I'm wondering if there are any others I should investigate. The new 105 (5700) look pretty sweet - would they be compatible? I've heard the new Ultegra (6700) aren't backwards compatible with the 6600 FD. I'm open to used from the bay or NOS from random internet stores, so if there's an old diamond in the rough, let me know. Or am I best off just getting another set of 6600? Thanks.

X-LinkedRider 04-01-12 08:53 AM

Either 6600, 5700 or Microshift Arsis Carbon would work just fine. They are more at the ultegra/DA level in regards to mechanics and weight. (But they shift much more like Campy stuff)

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