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whobybike 07-16-12 08:10 PM

Scattante R-660, or "A Welcome Surprise"
I waste copious amounts of time on craigslist, so it's nice when all of that "effort" really pays off. Earlier today, I picked up a pretty lightly used Scattante R-660 road frame+fork/headset from a guy for the grad student-friendly price of $50. I know it's not the new Cervelo Sex-5, but, for me, it's a great first opportunity to build up my own bike.

So, because I have no idea where to go from here, I'm doing what any millenial would do. I'm coming to ask the internet.

I'd like to use the bike for road racing and faster group rides, and I'm trying to find the sweet spot between performance and price. Those of you who build on a budget - do you just lurk on craigslist until the parts you're after come up? Are there sites that sell certain parts at better discounts on a regular basis? Do you think it's worth teaming up with a shop that might give me a better deal due to the wide variety (and large number) of things I'm buying? Should I look for slightly older parts, or is bike tech evolving at such a pace that older parts are entirely obsolete?

I'm really just looking for a nudge in the right direction as I put this thing together over the next 6-ish months (fingers crossed). Thanks in advance.

owen006 07-16-12 09:14 PM

If you can really be patient enough to work on the bike for 6 months, you should find some good deals. Look on BikeForums: For Sale and Sales under the road cycling forum Craigslist and thebay for auctions that end at off peak times. Bike Nasbar, Performance Bike, Price Point, and Jenson are just a few of the online sites that are always having sales. Sign up and they will send emails with their current deals.
I built a Scattante XRL Comp that I bought on sale at Performance with Shimano 105 components that I got from the above-mentioned sites. I really like the bike and had a blast building and tweaking it.

redtires 07-16-12 09:26 PM

Personally, I'd do all of the above. Keep hitting craigslist, ebay and the marketplace here. Continually check on current deals from your favorite online and B&M stores. I don't think you would have any issues at all with some stuff that is "slightly older". My Ultegra 6500 is still going strong and it's....ummm...something like 10 years old. But then again, I take care of my stuff.

If your not too familiar with online sites, I've had great luck with Universal Cycles (.com) and PricePoint (total personal opinion of course, lot's of people have had great luck with other places). Your local bike shop might also be an invaluable asset, so if they're worth anything, buy some stuff there too...even if it's on sale. Once they know your face, you may be able to score some deals along the way without seeming like your intentionally doing it. Also, local shops are great for the small parts you'll need for your build. With all my builds, I just decide what I want to focus on that month and set aside the money for it...then I will spend some time to either find it used or if I can't, I'll shop around heavily until I can find it at a good price.

Also, depending on how much stuff you have accumulated, be "in the business" of trading...I just got a great set of bars from a guy here in trade for a saddle. We both got what we want/need and all it cost was some shipping. It doesn't have to be bike for bike...we all have different hobbies.

Finally...did you say $50??!!! That's a great score! Those aren't bad frames at all...some may malign you for riding Performance's "in-house brand" but the fact is, those frames have a lot of different names on them.

Good luck!

popeye 07-17-12 09:49 AM

Performance needs to wise up and change the name.

dtrain 07-17-12 09:55 AM

Nice score for $50! Check the sale area here on BF. There is one guy with a Cannondale listed who might sell the Rival group and Mavic wheels separately.

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