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2Wheelr 07-30-12 09:14 AM

Is this a good bike?

This bike is affordable, pink (I like pink) and it's a road bike. I know nothing about Panasonic bikes, my last road bike from my early teen years was a Peugeot, and I still wonder why I got rid of it. This would be a primary bike, my MTB would be garaged for trails and camping.

Is this a good bike to start my road biking hobby? What mods (reasonable) would you do to it?

10 Wheels 07-30-12 09:16 AM

You better get right on it NOW.

Good buys don't last long.

The first person to see it will buy it.

iamtim 07-30-12 09:43 AM

...which probably happened, as the listing is gone now. :)

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