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revchuck 07-30-12 07:38 PM

Slightly OT - Crossing the River by Bike In Austin, TX (Livestrong Challenge)
I'm going to be doing the Austin Livestrong Challenge ride in October. Since I'm from out of town, I'll be staying at a motel, yet to be determined. The ride start is on West Riverside Drive, south of whatever river it is that flows through Austin. Most of the motels recommended by the website are north of that river. Since parking will probably be nonexistent at the event site, I'd like to just ride the bike to the start point. Are the roads that cross the river legally and feasibly crossed by bike, or do I need to find a room south of the river?

Recommendations for a good, cheap motel close to the event site will be appreciated!


bryanwm 07-31-12 09:08 AM

Looks like the ride starts on S 1st, you should have no problem crossing the bridge on 1st (guadalupe rd N of the river). Just take the lane and go about your way. There is also a trail system (crushed gravel surface) along the river itself, with pedestrian crossings along each bridge over the river. Traffic should be pretty tame on a weekend morning though, so I'd just take the roads wherever you need to go. Austin drivers should be much more accomodating than those in SE Louisiana (speaking from experience...) Good luck on your ride!

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