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Ever Have 'One of Those Days?'

Road Cycling “It is by riding a bicycle that you learn the contours of a country best, since you have to sweat up the hills and coast down them. Thus you remember them as they actually are, while in a motor car only a high hill impresses you, and you have no such accurate remembrance of country you have driven through as you gain by riding a bicycle.” -- Ernest Hemingway

Ever Have 'One of Those Days?'

Old 08-20-12, 07:06 PM
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Ever Have 'One of Those Days?'

I start off on my ride this morning... get about 2 miles down the road and realized I forgot my phone and cameras. I can live without my cameras but not my phone. So I go back and get my phone and grabbed my cameras while I was at it... got about a mile down the road again and then realized I forgot my money and debit card so I go back again to retrieve those.

So finally I'm off on my way and get about 3 miles down the road and realized that I just wasn't paying attention and zipped across a busy road. Of all the times I rode that way I was never lucky enough to not have to stop for more than 20 seconds to wait for cars... but today that road was clear just as I got there and went across...

So I get about 10 miles from home and look down at my Garmin and then realized I forgot my HRM. Too late to go back again so I just kept going... I stopped at a 7-11 to get a cup of coffee and a couple bananas. I get off my bike and go to my seat bag and seen that I forgot to zip it up before I left my house the last time... my $10 bill and Advil tablets fell out somewhere along the way... thankfully my debit card was still in there.

I get 30 more miles down the road and stop at one of my normal stops at a gas station to get a refill on my water. They always have a sale of 3 bottles for $2 which fills both of my water bottles back up. I bring the bottles to the register and the cashier can't figure out how to ring up the bottles of water. I couldn't understand this and was getting annoyed and so were the people behind me as a big line was forming. So finally she figured it out the total was just under $6 bucks. I then asked what happened to the 3 bottles for $2 sale and she tells me that it was for the Nestle brand. I look down and it turns out I grabbed 3 bottles of the wrong brand... I didn't want to hold up the line anymore so I just took them and left.

I get down the road again and went to reach for my sunglasses and guess what... not there where I usually keep them. I left them on the picnic table at the gas station. So I turn around to go get them and they're gone when I get there... bummed out about losing my sunglasses I turn around and go head back. As I'm going through an intersection this guy making a left turn sees me but decides to turn anyways making me slam on my brakes and about flipping over my handlebars... as he's turning he's looking at me and laughing. With the day I was having I was considering chasing him down Mainstreet but thought the better of it.

As I get on the MUP and start cruising I hear something fall to the ground... It was my phone and I realized that never closed my seat bag after opening it to get my debit card out for the water purchase at the gas station. So I stopped to get my phone and then zipped up my seat bag up and I yell to myself "GET YOUR F***ING SH*T TOGETHER!!!" Of course after I said that I look up and see an elderly couple standing next to me with a very surprised look on their faces... I apologize and told them I was only talking to myself. The surprised looks immediately turn into 'this guy is nuts' looks and they walk away...

So I continue on zipping down the MUP when I see the biggest bee ever and it flies right into my helmet. I never tried to stop riding while taking off my helmet before but I didn't do too bad my first time. As I get the helmet off I feel a very painful burning and stinging feeling... as I'm holding my head and trying not to fall over I hear a loud honking from a car which scared the crap out of me and just about made me fall over... It turns out I stumbled onto a dirt road and a car was coming just as I did... luckily the driver seen me but he was pretty upset for having to stop. I was clearly in pain and instead of him asking me if I was OK he gets mad at me for making him slow down? I guess I should just be thankful that he didn't just run me over and keep going.

I'm not allergic to bee stings so I wasn't worried about anything but I always bring some ointment just in case to help with bee sting pains, cuts, scrapes, etc... but guess what, I look in my seat bag to get it and it was gone. Apparently it fell out when I left it unzipped one of those times...

So finally after about 60 miles I reach the point where I can either head back home or turn around and do another round trip on the MUP and get another Century Ride in... I was angry about being so stupid today I was determined to do another trip so I stopped at a CVS and bought a new pair of sunglasses, Advil tablets, and a giant Gatorade. This time I made double sure my bag was zipped and went about my way...

No problems at all on the second trip...

Guess I'm pretty lucky though... could have gotten ran over 3 different times but didn't.

Ended up doing a 110 mile ride... missed out on the Epic Suffer Score on Strava though since I forgot my HRM.

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Old 08-20-12, 07:15 PM
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Never had one of THOSE days... I have left without one of my gloves before, never quite been that catastrophically forgetful though! Good on ya for sticking it out, I would have headed home WAY earlier.
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Wow! If you see the makings of a day like that again, turn around and go to bed. Just awful.
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I wouldve turned around after 10 miles, then come home and told people on the 41 to HTFU
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Never that bad but I once left my house in a rush and still tired. Forgot my bottles of water and my glasses and the sun decided to make me pay for that. While still "warming up," my heart rate was at 190 and I just wasn't feeling it. Went home and back to bed. Probably would've ended with a ride like yours if I kept going.
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Old 08-20-12, 09:27 PM
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My weekend ride was a bit like that, Pedaling. Maybe it wasn't a good weekend to be a cyclist in Michigan.

Got lost about five times (don't own a Garmin yet), the iPhone was no help, forgot Strava was running, panicked a bit when I saw how fast the battery was draining, but decided to HTFU and keep going. Then I got lost, veered about 10 miles off course, but at least I ended up on a nice MUP in Dearborn Heights. Got totally passed up by an older fellow on a carbon bike with legs like steel cables...actually bonked out at Hines Drive, so I was getting passed by everyone until I decided to stop and eat. About this time, I was fairly pissed because I was losing count of my cadence (using the old "one-two" method, I swear I'll be getting some ANT+ soon!), which is why I wanted to ride in the first place: any focus I had on that singular task was being slowly worn away by irritation of getting lost.

Rode about 50 miles before I realized that I had forgotten my wallet at home. No ID, no cards, no money. (Thank God I keep an emergency $20 in my seat bag.)

By this time, I had painted myself into a corner and decided to go home: hell, a ride is a ride, right? Gave up all attempts at cadence practice and just put it into the hammer gears. By this time, the sun was going down fast, and I was happy that the ultra-reflective messenger bag I was hauling around was there. Was yelled at a few times by drivers to get back onto the sidewalk on Seven Mile...which has no sidewalk. No street lights, not a lot of moonlight, a borrowed Cygo-Light saved my ass that day. Grumbled a bit while pulling into Livonia and Farmington Hills about the awful conditions of their roads, but decided to HTFU again and just ride like the wind.

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But the good days make up for it. Like my ride yesterday. I broke my record for longest distance afternoon ride. No flats, no close calls with cars, and I met a cool australian dude who gave me a beer and a cookie when I got back to my apartment.
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Sounds like God is telling you to take a bite of the Egg McMagnum.
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Maybe the problem is your screen name.
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