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Busta Quad 09-19-12 10:11 AM

$1800 cycling shoes

182 grams/pair

bonz50 09-19-12 10:17 AM

so, crocs is now selling cycling shoes?? LOL

Busta Quad 09-19-12 10:19 AM

Crocs? That's carbon.

And talk about minimalist saddles:

tagaproject6 09-19-12 10:21 AM

Originally Posted by Busta Quad (Post 14749957)
Crocs? That's carbon.

So, Crocs is now making carbon? lol

Cookiemonsta 09-19-12 10:34 AM

That is some serious bling. Do they make me go faster? What? No?


Somehow reminds me of these

Just not as cool.

mpath 09-19-12 10:48 AM

Utterly stupid and pointless. Crappy carbon layup, no ventilation.

ddeadserious 09-19-12 10:56 AM

I'll just stick with bolting cleats to the bottoms of these:

Cookiemonsta 09-19-12 11:10 AM

Originally Posted by ddeadserious (Post 14750091)
I'll just stick with bolting cleats to the bottoms of these:

At least you will not look as silly.

MegaTom 09-19-12 03:15 PM

Fugly. Probably damn uncomfortable, too.

tallteacher 09-19-12 03:25 PM

When used with a top of the line CF bike, guaranteed to gain you 3 mph...placebo effect said to be negated

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