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bwiser22 10-01-12 05:30 PM

looking for new bike, is this worth it?$(KGrHqR,!j!F!eQkRZhUBQ(OrBNK8g~~60_57.JPG

bwiser22 10-01-12 05:30 PM


umcade 10-01-12 09:27 PM

If you have to ask in this form, that bike is probably not worth it to you.

manutd 10-02-12 09:00 AM

You only posted a link to a picture but no info. at all about the bike.

so we couldn't know if its "worth it" or not. nice looking bike....

bman2112 10-02-12 06:35 PM

Auction ended yesterday for $2,500. If it fits, it looks like it would have been a good deal.

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