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evan938 12-24-12 01:41 PM

for 2011, i did a total of 1200 miles and a longest ride of 102 miles. last year my goals for 2012 were to do 2,000 miles and 3 centuries. im at about 3700 now and got my 3 centuries in.

next year, i'd love to do 5k miles (we'll see how work schedule allows for that). century in under 5 hours ride time (did one in 5:08 this year). planning to try to make it out to do RAIN and get a 160 mile ride in. i'll say at least 5 centuries.

also mark me down for no injuries 2011 i was on a ride, we had stopped and i didnt unclip quick enough, tipped over from a nearly standstill, broke my wrist. never broke a bone before then so i thought it was probably just sprained, rode the other 20 miles of the ride. plate and 7 screws later, i wont do that again. this year, my 3rd ride on my new bike i got in a fight with a car that didnt want to use a turn signal and side swiped me. i lost.

on the path 12-24-12 06:44 PM

2012 Goals

- 3500 miles - almost made it, woulda coulda if not for the crash
- ride a century - nope, but didn't care after an 84 mile day and a 71 miler in high heat and humidity. I know I can do the century easily.
- finish a club ride with the A group. Did this many times over..

2013 goals

Ride as much as possible, and hopefully crash-free. Get faster, stronger..

rangerdavid 12-24-12 06:49 PM

Ride more.

Weigh less.

Go faster.

Beaker 12-24-12 06:53 PM


Originally Posted by cccorlew (Post 15081663)
I plan to work extra hard to come up with a rationalization to purchase a powertap. I've been working on t for teh past several years, but keep coming up short.

By learning to meter your efforts more precisely on your commute, you'll become more efficient at work, which is bound to lead to performance related pay increases thus rapidly paying for the Powertap.

Beaker 12-24-12 06:54 PM

For my 2013:

Race more.

Use orthopedic surgeons less.

Commute by bike a heck of a lot more.

Maintain work, ride, life balance.

Oh, and maintain 5-10miles running/wk as cross training. (sacrilege)

RT 12-25-12 09:44 AM

This just in: Also adding vegetarianism for a year, see how it works out. Not a big meat eater, so the challenge won't be that great, but I will hopefully end up a little healthier.

steve-in-kville 12-25-12 09:51 AM

a) 100 miles week
b) hit my weight goal
c) ride my first century

tc1761 12-25-12 09:39 PM


Originally Posted by steve-in-kville (Post 15086034)
a) 100 miles week
b) hit my weight goal
c) ride my first century

These are my three exact goals as well! Good luck to you!

TrekFix 12-26-12 09:07 AM

1- Ride 150+ miles per week

2- Complete first century

3- Enter some CX races in Fall

4- Eat Healthier/get back in Shape

5- Start Commuting to work again

DataJunkie 12-26-12 09:13 AM

I'm having kid #3. As such my goals are more flexible.
Something like
Every weekend a race paced ride or a race provided that it fits into my schedule.
Hit mid week training crits as much as possible.
Race Cx in the fall
Other random crap I stick in as I want. Heck I haven't even decided what races I will attend as that will be done on the fly due to the little one.

RT 12-26-12 09:15 AM


Originally Posted by TrekFix (Post 15088056)
1- Ride 150+ miles per week

2- Complete first century

3- Enter some CX races in Fall

4- Eat Healthier/get back in Shape

5- Start Commuting to work again

Right on. 5 will help 1, which in turn will make 3 more possible. Soon 2 will happen after a few weeks of 4.

JCNeumann 12-28-12 04:08 PM


Originally Posted by rangerdavid (Post 15084809)
Ride more.

Weigh less.

Go faster.

What he said!

mustang1 12-28-12 04:40 PM

Ride a 100km route one day per month.
Ride at least one century (160km), possibly 4.

MikeyBoyAz 12-28-12 05:45 PM


Originally Posted by DataJunkie (Post 15088071)
I'm having kid #3...

congrats... we are too... in April.

Mpov 12-28-12 06:11 PM

Ride more.

Manweiser 12-31-12 06:47 AM

1. Ride at least 2000 miles.
2. Complete at least 2 centuries.
3. Stop making bullsh*t excuses.

curt168 12-31-12 07:15 AM

Get down to 180# from 195#
Ride 100 miles per week
Introduce my son to road bikes
Complete High Pass Challenge and STP

Grambo 12-31-12 07:35 AM

1) Loose 10 lbs by the end of March in time for mtb racing season
2) Partcipate in at least 6 MASS XC mtb races (50 + Sport)
3)Consistently finish in top 10 each race
4) Hopefully podium in at least one race

DataJunkie 12-31-12 08:19 AM


Originally Posted by MikeyBoyAz (Post 15096208)
congrats... we are too... in April.

Congratulations to you as well. :)
Mine is due at the end of Feb.

Myosmith 12-31-12 08:29 AM

- Do a multiday tour
- Drop that last 50 pounds so I don't get dropped anymore
- Sub 6-hour centuries (including stops)
- Ride at least two charity events

DOS 12-31-12 08:32 AM

I am going to enter an actual bike race.Most likely the 2013 version of this one ( Cat 5 & 35+

Machka 12-31-12 02:28 PM


Originally Posted by Machka (Post 15081991)
I'd really like to get back into Randonneuring again, and see if I can break the 400K barrier again. 2007 was the last time I was able to do that distance (life, medical issues, etc. have got in the way).

But since I have no idea where we'll be, or what we'll be doing, in 2013 (aside from finishing our current Round-the-World tour, and returning to Australia mid-January) ... who knows if I'll even be in a place where there are Randonneuring events.

And also ...

At least one 1000-km month would be nice.

Generally ride more than I did in 2012.

Travel more ... around Australia, maybe over to New Zealand, possibly into Asia again.

I would love to do another 24-hour race, but finding one that fits our schedules for this year would be the bigger challenge. There are no 24-hour races in Australia, at least not like the ones in the US. So this one might have to wait for another year.

eja_ bottecchia 12-31-12 02:35 PM

I rode 7000 miles in 2012. I want to increase that to at least 8500 in 2013.

I need to drop 10 kilos and I need to climb more.

I will be 57 in 2013, I am not getting any younger. :)

adrien 12-31-12 05:47 PM

Buy as much as I can from my lbs. including tires, cassettes, tubes. I won't notice the extra 10-20%, but I will notice if they go out of business. Good guys, great mechs. They deserve the support.

BoSoxYacht 12-31-12 06:12 PM


Originally Posted by MikeyBoyAz (Post 15083650)
Drop down to 190- and complete a 5:00:00- century.

We need to ride a century together. I live in NW Phoenix if you feel like riding.

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