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IANative 02-04-13 06:55 PM

Any reviews of/opinions on Primal Custom cycling attire?
Primal is making the official RAGBRAI jerseys/bibs/short this year (maybe they have in the past, too, IDK). How is their quality and comfort for the price (bibs $70, jerseys $60)? My preferred bibs are the Pearl Izumi Attack series. How do they compare?

DEK 02-04-13 07:58 PM

Can't speak to their bibs but I have several of their jerseys and love them. In my opinion they have good quality and consistent sizing. And I've never paid full price for one as they always have sales and if you get on their mailing list, they send discounts every so often.

retrac1324 02-05-13 02:44 AM

The /r/bicycling sub****** usings Primal Custom for their jersey orders every year and people seem to be happy with them.

valygrl 02-05-13 09:44 AM

My former team used them, they sucked. The jerseys were way too hot, the zippers broke, they had hanging threads everywhere. The shorts were OK, except they cut the sizes wrong and everyone who ordered XS got childrens size shorts.

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