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halfspeed 04-14-13 04:38 PM

I use insulated polar bottles in the winter so that my water stays liquid. Otherwise, I just use the cheapies. I hated listening to the incessant "squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" coming from Camelback bottles and wasn't impressed with the valve either.

radeln 04-14-13 05:07 PM

Nice to know I'm not the only one who does not care for the Camelbak bottles. Standard caps won't fit on them, either.

Dudelsack 04-14-13 06:19 PM

I had one follow me home yesterday. It looked lonely and I gave it a good home. Its name is Mike's Hike and Bike.

Myosmith 04-14-13 07:27 PM

You can get them a WalMart or Target in the sports section for about $2. Health fairs and sports shows are also good places to pick up freebies. Or just talk to a fellow cyclist, most have a half dozen or so they never use.

cpach 04-14-13 09:42 PM

I am really, really bad about losing water bottles. This usually is unrelated to bicycle usage, but I use the bike bottles for most of my water bottling needs. I really like camelback podiums and other valved bottles, but I've realized that the valve is pretty unimportant for actual bike usage.

I have found that bicycle-style waterbottles are almost always available at thrift stores, often for less than a dollar a piece, and frequently clearly unused. It's a good system. Judging by my current bottle collection, apparently I've done a couple organized centuries in inconveniently distant locales, a double century, and am a shop-sponsored female rider. Who knew? I occasionally also see pretty decent cycling jerseys, an occasionally mediocre cycling shoes. Saw a well worn but originally $300 tri wetsuit the last time for $30 in what appeared to be my size, as well, too bad I just bought one of those, on ebay of course.

Biscayne05 04-14-13 10:25 PM

Probikekit used to sell their own brand bottles last year. No clue if they'll be selling it again but for $4 each I have no complains.

this is their cheapest right now @ 4.38

Gerry Hull 04-15-13 08:40 AM

May sound absurd. Who cares? I've never launched a bottle. Nor do they DARE squeak:
a very very firm cage. One so grippy its a PITA.
Now wax the bottle with car wax.
yes that is what I said.
no launch, no chirp, super EZ in/out.

Commodus 04-15-13 09:25 AM

I have a bunch of free ones, but I don't use them...they tend to impart a plasticky taste I don't like. I stick with the Camelbaks, though they have their own problems. Too hard to clean the valves and they get gross.

CrankAndYank 04-15-13 02:08 PM

If you are concerned about the noise-level cost of accessories such as water bottles, you are in the wrong sport.

ILUVUK 04-15-13 07:14 PM

Another vote for Camelbak podium bottles. I buy two each season. I don't use the freebies.

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