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Bikeisdusty 04-15-13 06:18 AM

Sidi Mega footbeds
I ordered a pair of Sidi Mega's in 45.5. The foot beds in the shoe are junk and do not even fully fit in the shoe. I tried my Superfeet blue, but the blue is too tall in the arch area to fit right. Has any tried Superfeet yellow or another brand with luck? Do they fill the shoe?


900aero 04-15-13 06:22 AM

I used to have Sidi Megas and I think I just used some foot beds from my running shoes. Or maybe my Gravis sneakers. Whatever, They were structured enough and worked fine: see if something like that helps.

1nterceptor 04-15-13 06:50 AM

I have an older model Sidi's. The blue footbed also seem to slide around a bit,
while playing with it with my hand. With my feet in, they seem to stay in place.
In the store they seem fine. But after riding with them for awhile, they feel kinda
tight by the top of my feet. I ended up taking the footbeds out to make some
room. Just did a 85 mile club ride last Saturday and it feels better. But without
the foamy footbed, the inside of the shoes are very hard.

Werkin 04-15-13 07:45 AM
Is the product I use. It is especially helpful when there is a disparity in arch & metatarsals shape between feet. An extra tall insert is available for those with exceptionally high arches. It's also unique in that it allows adjustability as the foot becomes accustomed to varying degrees of support. For most users, order one size smaller to fit Sidi Mega shoes; the OP should probably get the same size for his movement concern.

There is a new cycling version available, which I have no experience with.

I have also used Superfeet & Specialized BG footbeds and did not like.

jsharr 04-15-13 07:51 AM

I love the footbeds in my Specialized Comp MTN shoes, so I move them from the Specialized to the Sidis.

Jeepnut22 04-15-13 11:03 AM

I run the blue Specialized footbeds in my Sidi 44 Megas. Fits perfectly...

JTGraphics 04-15-13 12:36 PM

Yes the original SIDI insoles are not very good and the Superfeet did not work for me best thing I ever did for my feet was having some Sidas Custom insoles made from my local fitter Nate Loyal. Look around for someone that can make some custom foot beds for you.

TrojanHorse 04-15-13 01:02 PM


Originally Posted by Jeepnut22 (Post 15512793)
I run the blue Specialized footbeds in my Sidi 44 Megas. Fits perfectly...

How much bigger are the mega shoes? The regular ones fit my right foot perfectly but my left foot is bulkier and I can barely get the straps attached (I replaced that POS sidi footbed with something I found at sports authority that works pretty well). I can live with it for now but eventually I'll need new shoes. :)

And yeah, those 3 sheets of blue paper that Sidi calls a footbed are horrible.

jsharr 04-15-13 01:07 PM

Specialized shoes run a bit wide, and are roomy in the toe box. The blue inserts from my Specialized shoes fit into my Sidi Zeta Megas nicely.

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