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Nachoman 04-16-13 01:23 PM

I remember your user name, from elementary school.
Wasn't that a famous author?

photogravity 04-16-13 01:57 PM


Originally Posted by danvuquoc (Post 15515051)
Strava lets you compare past performance as well, and your social network of friends who you ride with and add on Strava is up to you. Nobody is asking you to add testosterone driven racers.

Yes, I realize that Strava also allows comparison of past performance. As I don't do any social networking (I'm into anti-social networking instead), features related to that functionality are lost on me. Good point about not adding racers to my "friends". ;)

photogravity 04-16-13 02:00 PM


Originally Posted by Spartannia (Post 15517202)
I use Strava and I like to describe my speed as "explosively slow".

Great response! If I'm not already behind you, I'm probably not too terribly far ahead.

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