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SHIM_105 04-15-13 09:19 AM

Pearl Izumi total tune inserts

wondering if anyone has these inserts and what you think of them. I have a pronated arch and these look like they may help.

JTGraphics 04-15-13 10:17 AM

No idea about those but the best thing I ever did for my feet was having some Sidas Custom insoles made from my local fitter Nate Loyal.

cyclezen 04-15-13 01:31 PM

I haven't really had a chance to try these, bu given PI's solid tech side of their stuff, I imagine they might be a good way to start 'Off the shelf' if you know what you need or know what you're doin...
As for me, I already have some varus wedging done to my superfeet, because as I got older, my ankle and forefoot were pronating quite a bit more.
It's a tough subject, but worth sorting out...
I'm sure that BF doesn't like links to competitors, but here's one for a discussion on cycling and foot in the shoe/on the pedal alignment. No real answers but some good stuff to consider...

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