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enossified 05-10-13 10:39 AM

All-City Mr. Pink and Space Horse
New member here.

Been out of the bike buying loop for almost 30 years. I ride a mid 80s Schwinn Passage touring bike and am looking to buy a new bike.

I need a new road bike, not for racing, not for real touring (when I bought the Passage I was hauling two kids in a Burley trailer so needed heftier brakes and lower gearing). Just recreational day riding (20-80 miles), must be comfortable so I'm leaning towards steel over aluminum. I'm 58 so looking for this to be my last bike purchase :50:

My LBS recommended two All City models, the Space Horse (about $1500) and Mr. Pink (about $1900). I road-tested Mr. Pink and it was nice but I am still recovering from the sticker shock ;) What I did not like was it had no mounts for a rear frame where I like to keep a bag. The Space Horse seems closer to a touring bike and is set up to take racks and fenders. The price difference is for the tubing (Mr. Pink is Columbus Zona) and components (Mr. Pink is Shimano 105 vs. Tiagara).

I know nothing about All City, I understand it's a newer brand owned by the US's largest bike distributors who also make the Surly brand.

What say ye, are these bikes a good recommendation?

What would the competition I should be comparing them to?

RollCNY 05-10-13 12:33 PM

Comparable are Surly Pacer or Soma Smootie or ES. Both of those have rack and fender eyelets. They also both have cross bikes, Cross Check and Double Cross (I always get mixed up which manf. makes which), with eyelets, slightly longer wheelbases, and canti brakes.

I believe all of those are offered as both frames (or frameset from Surly), and complete builds, at a lesser price tag than the $1900.

Bianchi also has a line of steel bikes, sold only as full assemblies, that may fall in your price range.

pallen 05-10-13 01:38 PM

The Mr Pink is nice bike, but probably not best for loaded touring. The Surly Pacer doesn't have the top rear rack eyelets, but will take a light rear rack that mounts on the brake bolt. The ultimate steel tourer would probably be the Surly Long Haul Trucker - there's even a disc version now. All-City, Civia, Salsa, Surly are all QBP brands. Each has their own style and focus, but they all are well-made mid-budget bikes.

jibjab1978 05-10-13 01:41 PM

I have a custom Space Horse that I built up with SRAM force, Paul mini moto brakes, and a custom wheelset. It's my swiss army bike. All in, I think I've spent too much, but it's my commute, bad weather, gravel grinder, singletrack, go anywhere, be anything bike. It's a great frame and it's pretty comfy over the long haul. I can't say enough good about the space horse. I ride it about 100 miles a week right now.

The Space Horse is somewhere between a true road "race" bike and a touring bike. The wheel base is longer, geometry is more relaxed, bottom bracket is lower and the bike will take much bigger tires than a race bike. But it still gets up and goes when you need it to. I love it because i can gravel ride or ride singletrack with 40mm Clement MSX 'Xplor tires on the weekend and then commute with 28mm tires during the week. And it's no issue to add some fenders for credit card touring as well.

rjones28 05-10-13 02:29 PM

Jamis also has a line of steel bikes, ranging in price from $700 to $3600.

marqueemoon 05-10-13 06:56 PM

I think the Space Horse is pretty neat. The press fit bb on the Mr. Pink is a dealbreaker for me.

I own a Space Horse-esque bike (a Bruce Gordon Rock & Road with drop bars and 42mm tires). It's a blast and really not that much slower than a skinny tired road bike. I don't run a rack and fenders currently but it has all the braze-ons.

enossified 05-11-13 04:53 PM

Oops, guess my post wasn't clear enough...I'm not doing real touring just want a quick, comfy road bike I can toss a light frame on for a small panniers!!!...for all-day rides. I was bummed that putting a rack on Mr.Pink was a PITA because it didn't have any eyelets or braze-ons for one...for almost $2K is it so much to ask? :notamused:

Guess I will go take a spin on the Space Horse as well, no sense spending an extra $500 if I don't need to.

RoboIsGod 05-11-13 05:40 PM

Definitely check out the Soma Smoothie ES. Basically a slightly more relaxed road bike that can accommodate larger tires/fenders and also has rack mounts. I like this bike a lot because it's measurements/geometry are right between a road and cyclocross bike and uses regular road calipers rather than cantilever brakes. They also make a steel and carbon fork that can be used with it, which I think is cool.

clarkbre 05-11-13 10:21 PM

I would also check the Surly Pacer for an all day rider. in all, I dont think you can go wrong with any of the bikes mentioned but the soma and Surly priducts are In the $4-500 range. matched with a good groupset, any of these would be good bikes. I recently went with a surly pacer because in talking with a surly/soma dealer, she said there are far less frame failures with a surly.

whatever you do, dont be afraid to build the right bike for you..

Cyclotourist 05-18-13 05:06 PM

I've been eyeing these two bikes for a while as well, trying to decide which one would suit my purposes (similar to yours – commuting, light touring, and long day rides for fun; not racing) better. I just test-rode the Space Horse today, tried out a Mr. Pink a few weeks ago (I'm fortunate to live near an LBS that stocks several All-City models). I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the ride of the Space Horse compared to its more-expensive sibling – I also found it surprisingly light and quick. The Mr. Pink really does fly though, it's a pretty sweet bike.

Since I'm interested on doing some light (2-3 day) touring I think the Space Horse is probably a better choice for me; it has just about every rack mount possibility known to man. If the Mr. Pink came with rack braze-ons it would be another story...

Both bikes are quite nice so I don't think you can really go wrong.

MRT2 05-18-13 05:29 PM

I ride the now discontinued Salsa Casseroll, which looks very similar to the Space Horse. I believe All City and Salsa are owned by the same company. I just bought my wife a Jamis Satellite Sport. Jamis also makes the Satellite Comp with somewhat upgraded components. Also worth considering is the Jamis Bossanova, which can take both racks and fenders, and has disc brakes.

Brougham 05-18-13 08:24 PM

QBP owns Surly, Salsa, All-City, Civia, and probably others. I have a Mr. Pink, and I really like it. The point of this bike seems to be to go fast and be comfortable, not necessarily carry stuff with you. You can put fenders on it, but panniers, etc just wouldn't seem appropriate. I didn't look at the Space Horse as I already have another bike that can ride over anything, anywhere, and bring the dog along in a trailer. Mr. Pink is a fantastic steel ride though.

enossified 06-03-13 07:32 AM

Thanks for all the replies and advice. I bought Mr. Pink and have been out the last two weekends having a ball with it.

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