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elanamig 06-01-13 07:19 PM


elanamig 06-01-13 07:21 PM


Originally Posted by elanamig (Post 15629923)
Guys, I have another candidate. 2002 Specialized Allez Elite. Asking price is $400, negotiable. It's 50cm, but the frame sticker says XS. IF it fits, would it be a good deal?

Thank you

Ended up with this one for $300. Thank you all!

mshred 06-01-13 09:44 PM

really like my 2004 specialized allez elite. you'll be happy with yours. congrats!

elanamig 06-03-13 08:41 AM


Now have a long way to go learning to ride it! (Scared out of my mind, actually). Such a huge difference from my comfort bike. I feel like I'm going to kiss the ground every second. I should go dig up my kids knee and elbow pads...

RT 06-03-13 08:42 AM

Pics of the bike or this never happened.

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