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PharmD 05-25-13 02:14 PM

Funny Experience of the Day
Had an experience funny enough to share today. I was riding up a local climb and passed a guy - he was amazed and asked how fast I was going - about 9 mph. When I got to the top, I stopped for a while and was enjoying some food. He eventually made it to the top and asked if I used Strava and if so, what rank I was on the climb. I told him my rank was about 100. Then he said there was a local guy that has the fastest time on every segment in the area. He said his name was Calm or something - then he spelled it out - K-O-M. He was wondering how this guy could be the fastest on every segment. I thought this guy was kidding - but he was serious. I didn't correct him, but just about peed in my bibs on the way down the climb from laughing.

CrankAndYank 05-25-13 02:34 PM

If you could enjoy food at the top, that was no climb.

PharmD 05-25-13 02:43 PM

4.3 miles with an average grade of 7% - I would call it a good climb.

TromboneAl 05-25-13 03:23 PM

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My funny experience of the day came when I entered an Instagram contest, in which I uploaded a bunch of photos with the hashtag #MyBikeTakesMe. For example, #MyBikeTakesMe to a foggy forest:

When I was done, I realized that I'd mistakenly entered the hashtag as "#MyBileTakesMe."

SpeshulEd 05-25-13 03:47 PM

You should have totally correct the poor guy. Although, he might figure it out one day if his name ever becomes Kom.

clausen 05-25-13 04:14 PM

Laughing at someone for lack of knowledge and not correcting them is not funny. It's sad.

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