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zupreme 05-30-13 12:16 PM

The $800 Question
Hello All,

I'm looking to purchase a bike with about $1,000 budgeted to start. I figured 800-900 for the bike and a little bit extra for anything I might immediately need. All 3 seem to have the shimano 2300 components so I guess my question to you guys is which is better suiited for exercising and will allow room for growth (upgrade worth frame?)

The Choices:
- Bianchi Campione (steel)
- Bianchi Via Nirone 7 (alu)
- Specialized Allez (alu)

About me:
- im 5'10 (think im looking for a 54 or 55cm)
- 185lbs
- no riding background (barely even did it as a kid!)

thanks for looking at this.

bonz50 05-30-13 12:19 PM

buy a 2 yr old used Allez w/ 105 for the same or less money.

danmc 05-30-13 12:22 PM

"a little bit extra for anything I might immediately need" In my case, this ended up being as much as I spent on the brand-new bike itself...

Brandonub 05-30-13 12:26 PM

I do not enjoy Shimano groupsets below the Tiagra level (although the new Soras might be fine). I'd rather buy something like this Scattante or this Fuji.

Phil_gretz 05-30-13 12:44 PM

Agree. Also, 54cm, or 56cm?

Originally Posted by Brandonub (Post 15684914)
I do not enjoy Shimano groupsets below the Tiagra level (although the new Soras) might be fine. I'd rather buy something like this Scattante or this Fuji.

^^ Agree with this recommendation, just to give you options at your price point. Do you have a Performance Bike shop in driving distance? If practical, it'd be worth giving them a try.

Frame size depends on several factors. Will you be able to ride each candidate? It may be that the next size up from 54cm would be right for you, depending on the top tube length and stem reach. Your shop can help you with this. Try them out, preferably on a trainer as well as out for a test ride.

FlatSix911 05-30-13 12:50 PM

Here are a few options with better Shimano 105 groupsets ...

AERO63 05-30-13 01:28 PM


Originally Posted by FlatSix911 (Post 15685020)

I bought the Gravity Comp 20 from (the one linked above, top link) and started riding it in mid-March. My first bike and like you Mr. OP I was working on roughly a $1,000 budget for a bike (not including other gear like shoes, helmet, bibs, etc, etc,).

I chose the Gravity primarily due to the 105 groupset, the other bikes in my price range (excluding used bikes which could be a good option) seemed to have lesser components. I didn't really realize it at the time because I was (still am!) a newbie to cycling, but apparently buying a Gravity brand from can be looked down upon by some in the if that bothers you there ya go.

But...bottom line I've really enjoyed the bike so far, I've got 600 miles on it in about 9 weeks. I would imagine I'll want to upgrade at some point, but the bike is better than I am. I spent some money at Nashbar and bought pedals (Shimano 105 for $55), a new saddle (San Marco SKN for $65), a carbon seat post (Ascent for $40) and some white handlebar tape ($10) and was still into the bike itself less than $1,000.

Nachoman 05-30-13 01:42 PM

In theory I also support the idea of getting a bike with a better groupset, but that of course totally depends on the comfort of the bike and how much cycling you'll be doing.

generalkdi 05-30-13 01:57 PM

If you know the size you need, check for a used bike. I bought a 2006 carbon Argon18 Krypton with full ultegra and aksyum wheels. I'm pretty sure you could find something good in the 800$ price point.

h2oxtc 06-02-13 09:32 AM

I would generally agree with the notion of buying a well cared for used bike over new. Much better value for the money, provided you know what to look for. And I too would not "choose" to ride any bike with less than 105 components. Regarding steel vs alum in this price range, I would choose aluminum.

datlas 06-02-13 10:18 AM

pet peeve..these do NOT have a 105 group set. They have 105 fd/rd/shifters/cassette....but not 105 brakes or crank/bb.

/end rant

gsa103 06-02-13 10:35 AM

As someone who bought a used bike to start out, I'll provide the counter-point.

If you're going to get a used bike, expect to learn how to maintain it. The advantage of a new bike is that many shops provide some level of service and repairs at little to no cost for new bikes.
Think of bikes like cars, the older the bike the more likely it is to have minor issues.

The other thing with buying a used bike is that you have to know what you want and what to look for. If you're just starting out that's very difficult.

thehammerdog 06-02-13 01:51 PM

go cheap ride like hell then if you like it get something better....Make sure it fits

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