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deepakvrao 06-02-13 11:08 AM

Toupe is great for me on a bike with a good saddle to bar drop, and if I'm riding hard. If it's a touring kind of bike and ride, I much prefer a Brooks.

patentcad 06-02-13 11:41 AM

The Toupe 143 has been anointed by His Holiness Pope Pcad I.

mshred 06-02-13 01:15 PM


Originally Posted by Garfield Cat (Post 15694735)
Try a LBS with the Selle Italia measurement system, not just a Specialized sit bone measurement. Also read what the Cervelo web site engineers say about saddles.

The cervelo site had some really great info. Thanks for the tip.

mshred 06-02-13 08:59 PM

picked up a specialized avatar comp gel today. the folks at the shop were pretty helpful. i took it out for 10 miles tonight and was happy with it. time/miles will tell the whole story, though.

i figure i'll give it a go and if i just can't stand it after a few weeks i'll unload it on ebay and pick up something else.

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