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ovoleg 06-02-13 05:55 PM

Torque spec on Quarq Riken cranks(SRAM)
The 8mm inner torque spec on the crank says 425 in-lb and the 10mm says 120 in-lb.

I dont have a 10mm, but I do have an 8mm. Seriously 425 in-lb is A LOT.

My torque wrench only goes up to like 250 in-lb...


bobonker 06-02-13 05:57 PM

I torqued mine to 35 ft-lb (420 in-lb). I went a little under that at first and had some lateral play, so I loosened it back up (not with the torque wrench) and re-did it. No more play.

That's about the same torque as other SRAM cranks.


ovoleg 06-03-13 08:00 AM

thanks man.

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