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bianchi10 06-03-13 07:20 PM

Merek NPS saddle??
I have seen A LOT of different shapes of saddles before, but never seen something like this. This is the Merek NPS saddle. Came across it while looking at some bikes on Weight wennies. I saw it and had to take a second and third look before laughing. The responses seem to say that it is pretty comfy, but I'm not sure i could get beyond the looks of that regardless of the minimal 92g it is supposed to weigh.

Anyone seen this or had experience with one?

popeye 06-03-13 08:05 PM

I don't think I have that one but I have a Merek 95 gm model on my road bike and the ~115 on my track bike. They are the most comfortable saddles I have tried and I have dated more than a few. Someone here did crack one however. That thin shell flexes, it's not what it looks.

Fiery 06-04-13 03:40 AM

Same idea as Dash P.3, only Dash is 37 grams and $450.

Looks like it would be comfortable, as long as you don't habitually move to the nose under hard efforts; I know I could do without the front two or three inches of my saddle with no problems whatsoever. Doesn't look much worse than ISM or Selle SMP saddles either in my opinion.

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