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jkuper 06-14-13 10:42 AM

Di2 on non Di2 frame
Does anyone have any pictures or inside into installing it? I am considering going electronic route on a non-Di2 frame with internal cable routing. Does that mean internal or external kit? If external, am I looking at a bunch of zip ties and wires ala wired computers?

gadabout007 06-14-13 11:44 AM

you need the external kit. It only has one ziptie around the bottom of the battery mount. Cables run on the bottom of the downtube and DS chainstay and are covered by a grooved tape. I have the external kit on my 2010 gallium and it's barely noticeable.

mkadam68 06-14-13 12:08 PM

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Easy to do. You'll need an external battery mount and external junction box. You can complete it with electrical tape or, for the more graceful solution, a wire cover set. You shouldn't need any zip ties unless you're paranoid about the battery mount.

(Sorry for the dirty bike... on my Todo List.)
Here, you can see the external battery mount below the water bottle. If you still wish to be able to use a water bottle, you'll need the "long" battery mount.

Here, you can see the external junction box, mounted below the bottom bracket. There should already be threads from your previous cable guide.

Here's the cable to the rear derailleur, routed along the chainstay using a piece from the wire cover set.

Here's more of the wire cover set covering the wire leading up to the front end & the shifters. It comes out from under the down tube and wraps around the front brake cable housing, then up to the shifting box where it's split between left and right bars.

matthewk459 06-14-13 12:19 PM

Drill holes and use an internal kit.

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