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bikerjp 06-14-13 02:44 PM

Noisy 12t Cog Only
This has been bugging me for a while. On my 11-28 cassette only the 12t makes a lot of noise. Sounds like it's not adjusted right but no amount of adjustment has an effect and the overall shifting is fine where it is. On closer inspection it looks one of the teeth on the 11 is slightly closer to the 12 and the chain catches momentarily. I don't know if that is the reason for the noise but it's a good candidate. I can't imagine how you would bend a single tooth like that and the bike has not been crashed or even bumped.

Has anyone seen this before? Is it possible to fix? I haven't tried to buy just one cog but could probably pull one off an older cassette.

VaultGuru 06-14-13 03:02 PM

Is this a gear you ride a lot? Could be just worn. Have you also checked the wear on your chain? Chain wear = gear wear. If not, just buy a second position 12 tooth. One other possibility is wear inside your shift lever. The gear just won't hold true on your 12 tooth.

bikerjp 06-14-13 11:29 PM

Thanks. Pretty sure it's not wear on the 11 as I don't use that much and I did check the chain. It's about 1/16th over so probably not quite done. I think it's something to do with catching on the 11 when in the 12. It's just one tooth on the 11 that's a little too close to the 12. Not sure why. Might try and swap an 11 from another cassette and see what happens.

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