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snookanglr 07-04-13 02:18 PM

I ran over a snake. Grossed me out.

kenji666 07-04-13 02:31 PM

I think that the worst small animal to hit while riding would be a skunk. I see lots of dead ones on the road but have (luckily) never seen a live one.

Mountain Mitch 07-04-13 04:34 PM

As Patrick McManus (author) always said: "There are two kinds of cows and it is important for a sportsman to learn to distinguish between them: SMCs & FMCs" (slow mean cows and fast mean cows)! This is a prime example of an FMC in action.

coasting 07-04-13 11:07 PM


Originally Posted by rjones28 (Post 15814590)

i rode over a dead fox once. nice.

David Broon 07-04-13 11:14 PM


Originally Posted by Long Tom (Post 15813608)
how many of them I've kilt.

Makel 07-04-13 11:25 PM

I ran over a baby turtle, when I lapped back around it was squished, guess it's shell was still soft. I stopped and popped the head off of an injured bird in the road once as well. Popping the head off was way easier than I though it would be.

Makel 07-04-13 11:27 PM

There was no popping sound either. #disappointed

coasting 07-04-13 11:31 PM

I swear some of you are serial killers.

rjones28 07-05-13 08:27 AM


Originally Posted by coasting (Post 15816296)
i rode over a dead fox once. nice.

On purpose?

kenji666 07-05-13 08:30 AM


Originally Posted by coasting (Post 15816336)
I swear some of you are surreal killers.


Clipped_in 07-05-13 09:27 AM


Originally Posted by Dudelsack (Post 15813130)
The last few squirrels I've come across, I've aimed right at them yet they've managed to get their bushy asses out of the way.

I'm thinking this might be the answer. No mixed signals, they know you mean business. Oh, and be sure to hang the tails from your handlebars...;)

And whomever took out that brown bovine with their bike is a serious bada$$.

I had an encounter with two of these next to the road climbing up the Nebo Loop. Thought for sure I was a dead man. Nice lil' cowey...:eek: I just ease my way to the other side of the road and hoped neither they nor some oncoming car would take me out.

sbao26975 07-05-13 12:41 PM

The prairie dogs around here are the absolute worst.

One part of my commute is especially bad as they've taken over a bit of the trail and just sunbathe on it.

Dumb ass things don't move out of the way until the very last second and when they finally do, you can't predict their movement.

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