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nicolebellasaki 07-04-13 01:41 PM

Need a shimano 2300 sti right shifter
Hi everyone I need a shimano 2300 sti 8spd right shifters, I don't mind if its pre-owned as long as it looks nice. My shifters are still fine but the scratches of the bike is really terrible

RT 07-04-13 01:47 PM

I have a set of Claris/2400 shifters, the new 2300, that are sitting in my garage. 8 speed, new take-offs, but sales in this forum are not allowed for basic members. I would direct you here for your lever - don't think you'll find it for less anywhere else aside from Craigslist, and it would be a rare find. Only sold in pairs though.

What kind of bike is this, how old, and is an upgrade worth considering?

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