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butter231 07-05-13 01:20 PM

Is this bike a good deal?
I'm looking for a new bike and i found this cool looking one on craigslist and was wondering whether this is a good purchase or not. here is the bike and when i asked the seller about it this is what he told me "I bought the bike at Performance Bike in April of this year. I then swapped parts with another bike, then rebuilt this one with parts I had on the shelf. It has an Ultegra crankset, 105 and Sora derailleurs, Microshift 10 speed shifters, velocity/105 wheels, Kenda tires, Easton stem, specialized saddle. Frame and fork are flawless." Are these good parts or not? and since it says 10 speed shifters does that mean that it only has 10 gears? Thanks!

Bah Humbug 07-05-13 01:25 PM

I'm not sure, but that's a serious mish-mash of parts, and that is an OLD crankset.

kenji666 07-05-13 01:34 PM

10 speed means 10 gears on the rear. From the picture it has a double crankset, so it has 20 total gears.

surgeonstone 07-05-13 02:33 PM


99Klein 07-05-13 05:49 PM

Not with that bar tape:-)

kenji666 07-05-13 06:03 PM


Originally Posted by 99Klein (Post 15818901)
Not with that bar tape:-)

+1 You'll never be able to keep the tape and hoods clean.

spectastic 07-05-13 06:45 PM

I believe this is a better deal

hadaiwai 07-05-13 06:49 PM

How about this one? Fuji Sagres vaLITE -

ksisler 07-05-13 07:39 PM

OP; If you post a URL to a bike that is really a good deal, someone will snipe it most likely.

Dunbar 07-05-13 07:48 PM


Originally Posted by butter231 (Post 15818038)
Are these good parts or not?

If you search you'll see that 10sp Microshift shifters are quite good. Comparable to mid level Shimano and SRAM. You can't get anything comparable to that on Bikes Direct for under $600-700. $450 seems a bit high for a frankenbike assembled with a bunch of used parts.

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