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sqroot3 07-06-13 12:32 AM

wheel repair/wheelbuilder in los angeles?
sorry to be posting a locale-specific question in the general forums, but the 41 gets way more traffic than the socal forum.

does anyone have any recommendations for a wheelbuilder or any bike repair shop in LA that might be able to quickly repair/true a rear wheel with a broken spoke? i had an unfortunate run-in on the mup with a rider on a cruiser who didn't hear my utterance "on the left"...i do have a replacement spoke and nipple, and was all set to do it myself--but the darn broken spoke is on the drive side, and i have neither a chain whip, a cassette lockring removal tool, or a vise.

yelp reviews are nearly useless. some 5* bike repair place doesn't sell rim tape? should I just go to performance? Helen's and cynergy seem to have polarized reviews, and i don't want to spend, say, $150 fixing a $250 wheelset.

any suggestions greatly appreciated. i figure if the freds here love a place, i will too. thanks in advance!

Carbon Unit 07-06-13 12:35 AM

I have heard good things about this place in El Monte:

sqroot3 07-06-13 12:41 AM

Thanks...any place open on the weekend?

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