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MajorMantra 07-06-13 12:14 PM

Addiction - pavé style
I found a use for those Record hubs.
Addict by MajorMantra, on Flickr
by MajorMantra, on Flickr
Untitled by MajorMantra, on Flickr

Bah Humbug 07-06-13 12:41 PM


clausen 07-06-13 12:54 PM

Sweet very sweet.

RUOkie 07-06-13 01:17 PM

very, very nice.

datlas 07-06-13 03:42 PM


rjones28 07-06-13 04:39 PM

Most excellent.

rat fink 07-06-13 04:52 PM


Jacque Lucque 07-06-13 05:42 PM

Pretty ok bike, 6/10 for effort on the photos.


surgeonstone 07-06-13 05:47 PM

Tres cool!

WHOOOSSHHH... 07-06-13 05:47 PM

Me like!

mvnsnd 07-06-13 06:15 PM

You did OK :thumb:

ahsposo 07-06-13 07:46 PM

Nice style in the photos.

I ding the threaded valve stems and feel I am ambivalent about the white shoes.

But very nice overall. Nice light.

ds650 07-06-13 08:11 PM

Love the pics, some great effort there, and love the bike too. I always did like those.

coasting 07-06-13 08:23 PM

Top notch. Bravo.

BigJeff 07-07-13 12:34 AM

Is that the size 47? I'm trying to guess the head tube length... it seems about 100mm.

(the geometery on my 61 looks completely different, since the head tube is 200mm and everything else is also stretched out.)

The benefit of small bikes is they can boast less weight than the big versions.

MajorMantra 07-07-13 02:46 AM

Thanks for the comments. It's a size 52 actually. The 120mm stem and comparatively long saddle may be fooling your eyes.

BigJeff 07-07-13 06:37 AM

How much do the wheels weigh?

It seems you ought to be right around 15/16 lbs overall (with cages)

MajorMantra 07-07-13 09:37 AM

They pretty portly - 1848g minus tape and skewers. I haven't actually weighed the bike in this configuration yet but it was around 7kg (15.4) with my race wheels and I've probably added a pound or so with this wheelset.

The groupset isn't what you might think from a quick glance. The cranks are Super Record but the rest is Ultrashift 10 speed Centaur. At the time the groupset came out it was really light for the money.

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