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digibud 07-07-13 11:01 AM

SPD Road Shoes
I wasn't happy with my mtn bike shoes so I bought some Shimano road shoes that were also capable of using SPD although cleats are not "inside" so they don't walk easily. I have too many instances where I need to walk, even when using my road bike, but my road shoes are of course not good to walk in.
I'm looking for recommendations on spd shoes that are very stiff and light. I have a reasonably wide American foot. My current Specialized and Shimano shoes fit OK but some skinny European shoes don't fit quite so well.
I know some spd shoes are more or less flexible...and I'm looking for lightweight, stiff spd shoes. I use my road shoes in spite of them being a pain to walk in because they are so lightweight and cool. I'd like to find that in a shoe that has the cleat recessed but there is no such thing locally. All the local shoes are mtn bike shoes and considerably heavier than good road shoes. $250 is probably my outside price I'm willing to pay but of course would prefer a pair of good shoes for $5 :).

mrtrinh 07-07-13 12:36 PM

This is the only shoe I can think of that is a road like spd shoe. Its also my current shoe of choice because I walk a lot in my cycling shoes and I like to use the same shoes for my road bike and hybrid.

brianmcg123 07-07-13 01:24 PM

Specialized makes a "Comp" and "Elite" touring shoe you should try.

rdtompki 07-07-13 02:37 PM

I've had very good luck with North Wave - stiff soles and good size toe box.

FlatSix911 07-07-13 02:54 PM

Here is another hybrid SPD shoe :thumb:

RT 07-07-13 03:23 PM

Saw a pair of Scattante road/SPD shoes in store the other day. Was thinking of getting them myself, but they solve no particular problem as they didn't seem any stiffer than my mountain shoes.

johnnywhale 07-07-13 04:29 PM

I have a pair of these Mavics

redcon1 07-07-13 04:32 PM

My Pearl Izumi Race Road II shoes have mounting for both 2- or 3-bolt cleats.

They don't have carbon soles but are plenty stiff.

Camilo 07-07-13 05:20 PM

I'm a little confused about your question - I can't tell if you want a walkable "road" shoe that is SPD (2 hole) compatible, or a stiffer MTB shoe.

Anyway, my understanding from your post is that you currently have a road shoe that has drillings for both 3-hole and 2-hole (SPD). IF that is so, you can put these things on them and have a genuine road shoe, with 2 bolt SPD-type cleats, that are more walkable: (Search on sm sh40)

I believe these only work with soles that have both three and two hole drillings, and are made for (what I understand is) exactly what you're dissatisfied with. If you're interested in these, PM me because I bought a pair thinking I could use them with my 3-hole road shoes with a 2 hole SPD cleat, but I can't and think I should get rid of them.

As another option, you can get these pontoons - I have a pair - but they actually are designed to work with the old Shimano road cleat, which is similar to, but not exactly the same as the current SPD MTB cleat. I had to grind off some material from my SPD cleats to make these work.

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