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Long Tom 08-22-13 11:46 AM

Anyone here ride both a Specialized Sequoia and a Roubaix? Impressions?
I've got the Sequoia Elite, a 2008 with the carbon fork, seat stays, and seat post. I find it to be a nice ride. I'm homing in on what bike I want as an upgrade and the Roubaix is very interesting. The geo's of the two frames are at least somewhat visually similar.

Anyway, if you've ridden both, I'd love to hear them compared. I'm quite tall so finding bikes to test-ride is a challenge.

TIA to the 41!

Long Tom 08-22-13 10:41 PM

Bump, and let me add, I'm talking frame feel here; not component group etc.

TrojanHorse 08-22-13 11:24 PM

OK, I saw this when you first posted it and since I haven't ridden the sequoia I didn't respond. I also couldn't find the geometry at Spec's website but if you say they're the same I'll believe you.

If you think the Sequoia has a nice ride you will LOVE the roubaix. i have a 2012 SL3 roubaix as an upgrade over a 2007 roubaix and the improvements over the older frame-set were noticeable (I moved the components and wheels over, so no variables there). It's light, it's stiff as heck but it soaks up rough surfaces without being dead feeling. I really like mine.

Anaheim Ducks or Oregon Ducks?

Long Tom 08-23-13 01:11 AM

Thanks. Oregon Ducks. :)

I'd be surprised if the geometries between the two matched up, really. I probably misspoke there. I just mean, they definitely look.... kindred.

I keep hearing how nice the Roubaix rides, and I'm thinking there's GOT to be people out there who did the Sequoia > Roubaix upgrade path. The Sequoia works for me; I did 60 miles on it today. I'm floggin' it. Comfort is important to me since I'm not racing or anything; just riding for fun and fitness, and so I am not certain I'd trade comfort for stiffness or a bit more speed (within reason of course).

This may morph into a thread about how comfortable the Roubaix is or isn't and that's ok. But if someone has ridden some good miles on both I'd sure love to hear a comparison.

fstshrk 08-23-13 07:31 AM

I have a Roubaix SL2 and love the ride as well. At the current prices for the SL2 based frames (FACT8 carbon), you can't go wrong.
I did swap the seat post to a Thomson Elite setback for ease of adjustment. The one that came with my bike was not easily adjusted with a saddle that did not have an opening in the center.

Crabtree4 08-23-13 09:29 AM

Long Tom:
I rode a 2005 Sequoia Comp for several years starting in about 2009. All stock. Had the same carbon fork, seat stays, and seatpost that you referred to. Dura Ace triple. Stock Alex wheels. I liked the bike. It did fine for me. Rode many metric centuries, but never got above 80 miles on a single ride with that bike.

This year I upgraded to a Giant TCR Advanced SL. Obviously this is a different geometry from the Sequoia or the Roubaix. The stock Giant wheels are certainly different (and I think probably better) than the Sequoia's stock wheels.

However, I will say that there is a night and day difference between riding the two bikes, and I do attribute at least a large part of it to the all carbon frame. The TCR is so smooth compared to the Sequoia. I still know the road is there--this certainly isn't a "mushy" bike--but I don't get beat up. FWIW I'm a heavy rider ranging between 180-210 on these bikes. My reaction to the TCR during my first ride (just 11 miles) was "Wow! If I had known how nice this would be I would have upgraded my bike a long time ago."

I'd say upgrade -- as long as you find a bike that fits you and that you will enjoy riding. Good luck in your decision.

Crabtree4 (former Oregonian!)

Long Tom 08-23-13 11:43 AM

Thanks. Clearly, I'm going to just have to find one to ride. The only all-carbon bike I've come across that was big enough to test ride was a Giant Defy of some stripe... Tiagra groupset... I actually felt it was considerably "buzzier" than my Seq, but it did have 23's on it.

Maybe as the 2014's come in I'll have better luck finding big bikes to try.

Then I'll need to sort put what groupset to buy into. I have a chunk of dough coming and can get as crazy as I want to here, which is dangerous. :)

Long Tom 08-23-13 06:28 PM

Well. This is embarrassing. I stopped in a LBS I don't normally frequent and gol-darned if there wasn't a 61 cm Roubaix Comp (Ultegra) sitting there!

Took it for a short flat-pedal spin with an easy climb in it. It was quite smooth; really ate up the road buzz. Felt fast. Felt like it fit me. Felt my wallet growing warm. :)

I think I'll throw my Sequoia in the truck and try them one after the other. I'll update the thread when I do.

akansaskid 08-23-13 07:48 PM

I've owned a Roubaix Pro (frame set) and Secteur, which is the Sequoia's replacement. The Secteur and Roubaix have identical geometries. Both have carbon forks, the Roubaix has a carbon frame, the Secteur's is aluminum. The Secteur has a surprisingly good ride for an aluminum bike, but most of that is likely attributable to the carbon fork and 25 mm tires. The Roubaix is just smoother, most noticeably so on coarse roads as opposed to out and out rough roads. No doubt the Roubaix wins, hands down. You have decide if the price of victory is worth it.

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