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jkuper 09-06-13 06:04 PM

Planet Cyclery as a vendor?
How are these guys? I purchased what was pictured and described as a "2012 Aero Glide Rear Derailleur" through link and received an open box old packaging previous generation RD. Emailed them yesterday about an exchange for the correct item and no reply so far

MegaTom 09-06-13 06:13 PM

I've purchased some gray-market goods from them on eBay. I paid, they made timely delivery. I have heard several less-than-great experiences with them though...

Bah Humbug 09-06-13 06:23 PM

I got some 25c GP4kSs from them. That was fine, but yes, have heard some less-favorable stories.

jkuper 09-06-13 07:09 PM

Looking through my ebay purchase history I have purchased from them as well. And I just referred a friend to go through them for a chain and rear derailleur

dfischer1 09-06-13 07:27 PM

Just bought some NOS campy shifters from them. Quick shipping.

shelbyfv 09-06-13 07:54 PM

I have purchased from them via ebay w/o problems.

KantoBoy 09-07-13 05:58 AM

I made a warranty claim before and it almost took a year. They continuously ignored my emails until I threatened to report them to the local police (bleh, really, I had no choice at this point).

Jasper Storm 09-07-13 06:19 AM

I purchased some bar-end shifters from them on eBay.

They had a good price, but didn't include the cable kit that every other seller did.

They seem to be the cycling version of the (non-B&H) NYC mail order camera store.

jkuper 09-23-13 04:35 PM

So, just to update

After an email which was never returned I called them and the guy on the phone asked what was so different about the 2012 SRAM RD vs what they sent me. I think he missed the point of the fact that I expect to receive what I paid for, not what they think is a valid substitute. So, after a short conversation during which he blamed the Amazon (I purchased through but whatever) on the error with the UPC codes and how it's happened once before (I would expect a cycling gear retailer to actually know what the eff they are selling and sending), he issues an RMA and I mail the item back over a week ago. Sent an email on Friday asking what the status was and waited until this evening - no reply, of course. Oh well, I started a dispute process through PayPal. Shame it had to come to that. YMMV

KantoBoy 09-23-13 05:02 PM

...and everyone scorned me at some other thread when I said they have POOOOOOR customer service.

see reply #7

SpeshulEd 09-23-13 09:00 PM

Wow, I was going to buy a complete groupset from them at one point in time...happy, I went another direction.

That said, they do have good prices on GP4000Ss.

Dunbar 09-23-13 10:58 PM


Originally Posted by SpeshulEd (Post 16097586)
That said, they do have good prices on GP4000Ss.

I paid $80/pair from them but I see they just raised their prices $5/pair.

Ridelots24 09-24-13 05:32 AM

I purchased Campy Zonda wheelset from them, spring 2013. Front hub arrived with bearings not seated properly or something didn't feel right upon initial inspection. I contacted them, and with persistent follow up they exchanged the front wheel for me. Prices are great, but you get the feeling its just a couple of guys working out of a basement somewhere. i'd probably buy from them again, they ended up dong right by me.

snookanglr 09-24-13 09:53 AM

I just made the mistake of buying a tire from them through Amazon. First they sent a completely different tire and then they screwed up again with the exchange. They wouldn't do a refund which is what I wanted. They were terrible at communicating with me via email but it's impossible to get hold of someone on the phone there. It was just an all around frustrating experience and an example of very poor customer service. Fortunately, Amazon made it right by issuing me a gift card. I'll never buy from Planet Cyclery again.

GamecockTaco 09-24-13 10:14 AM

have bought tires and pedals and tubes through them with nary an issue. A friend has also bought tires and a cassette, also with no problems.

Can't speak to their customer service as I haven't had to make use of it yet. But, I bought directly through their website and not via a third party website. Stuff delivered in about 2 days time from CO to SC.

looks like when they get it right, things are awesome, but if they get it wrong then it goes really wrong.

seymour1910 09-24-13 12:15 PM

someone above said they seem like a couple guy's in a basement somewhere....I ordered a set of 105 SPD-SL pedals from them and while they were priced great $55 shipped they seemed to have been stored in a basement or some other odd place, the box was damaged and ripped in places, it was very dusty, the pedals were even dusty. I wiped the dust off and installed them and they are fine, plus the price was great but it was kind of odd when i saw the box and all the dust.

Ridelots24 09-25-13 05:10 AM

just in case i always have a ketchup bottle handy....

jkuper 10-17-13 01:50 AM

So, an update on this just to save folks some grief next time they try to order something from these clowns.

I had no luck trying to reach them on the phone or via email and never received my refund. So, my next step was to get PayPal involved, which was pretty useless because I didn't have the tracking info for the package I sent the derailleur back in since I wasn't the one originating the shipment. Moral of that story is write down the RMA tracking number next time.

So, I turned to since the listing was through them and they were the ones who received the money initially. It took another week and a half of back and forth with them with emails of the following nature "We are still working with the seller regarding your return and refund status for this order. Please allow one more business day for the update." It wasn't until I sent an email stating that my next step would be to seek assistance from a law enforcement agency (not really sure what that would involve, lol) but I finally got the money back, which I promptly spent at Art's Cyclery :thumb:

So, next time you decide to give this so-called vendor your money, think before you do so.

And to you, Planet Cyclery, if you happen to read this perhaps you should take a note and review your sales practices because it's going to catch up with you sooner or later.

SpeshulEd 10-17-13 07:54 AM

Happy you got it worked out.

I love Arts, they have great sales from time to time...they also tend to get in all the "special" items - I got both pair of my limited edition shoes from them.

CAADRIDER217 07-17-14 01:08 AM

I am quoting myself from another thread:
Let me preface by saying, sorry this is so long but it you are considering purchasing from this company please take the time to read this.

I just got finished dealing with a messy warranty situation because of Planet Cyclery. I bought one of their Ultegra 6800 groupsets because hey, it was 500 bucks cheaper than everywhere else. Received the package a few days later, everything packed nicely, although not in individual Shimano boxes, but the bags that the components would be packaged in from the factory anyways. Had the parts installed at my trusted LBS and 5 days later a shifter broke mid-ride. I contacted Planet Cyclery using their warranty request page on the website and heard back by the next day. They said that it would be faster for me to go through Shimano using their warranty program. I returned to my LBS to have them take a look at the part to make sure it was in fact broken and to see if they could help contact Shimano. They said they would contact their rep to see what they could do.

The next day I called Planet Cyclery, and actually got a hold of them. I got a hold of someone there who transferred me to another employee as, apparently, I wasn't supposed to be able to contact that person. Hmmmm... The next person I spoke to told me to, again, contact Shimano. I asked why they couldn't handle the warranty themselves, and they said they could not process the warranties themselves, much less accept returns. They also admitted to not being able to guarantee their own products. Luckily, my LBS is close with Shimano and was able to get the warranty processed, but had I known I was buying "gray market" products that can't be warrantied, I would've just gone to performance bike to buy parts as they came available.

Do not buy from Planet Cyclery. The price is very tempting, but the amount of time and stress you will go through if and when something eventually breaks and needs replacement is not worth it.

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