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Drew Eckhardt 01-07-14 10:10 PM


Originally Posted by biciklanto (Post 16389861)
This is quite the conversation! Clearly what I should do is buy the new Grand Prix 4000 S IIs in 28C, which will save weight over my current 23Cs, drastically improve ride quality and reduce rolling resistance, and hope that they hold together when the road turns rotten.

Or I get the Grand Prix 4-Seasons after all, noting that they have double Vectran breakers and Duraskin for the sidewalls, and take comfort in the fact that they are 330TPI tires instead of the 180 offered by the Gator Hardshells, even if they're not the so-called BlackChili compound.

I think the GP 4 Season is an answer in search of a question. They don't ride as nice as the GP4000 S, don't have the long tread life of a Gatorskin, and don't ride appreciably better than a Gatorskin.

While they have measurably better wet traction the other tires are usually fine and none are going to save you if you get silly with leaves, painted lines, or manhole covers.

I'd try a GP4000 S II or GP4000 S 25mm wide if you can't wait

biciklanto 01-08-14 05:51 AM

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Well, found some new data this morning courtesy of a Slowtwitch post on the new GP 4000 S II — complete with graphs, because who doesn't like graphs?

Slowtwitch: Continental GP 4000 S II (with credit to Greg Kopecky)

Perhaps the most telling bit of interest to me is this graph right here of rolling resistance for various sizes of Grand Prix 4000 S II:

Clearly Continental is on the bandwagon when it comes to wider tires equaling lower rolling resistance, with 120 PSI at 23C being roughly equal to the rolling resistance of a 28C tire at about 85PSI.

Maybe this means I've found my tire.

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