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canam73 01-11-14 01:19 PM

Women's road shoe with a wider toe box?
I took my wife shopping for new road shoes. The the two that she liked best were a Shimano and a Northwave, but both "too pinchy" in the toe area. Pickings were kinda sparse do to the time of year, though.

But can somebody recommended a 3 hole road shoe that offers a wide toe area?

antimonysarah 01-11-14 07:32 PM

Find somewhere that sells men's small enough for her. Men's "normal width" is D, women's "normal width" is B. (Like bra sizes, higher in the alphabet is larger.) I switched to men's shoes a while back, and while it's a pain to call around to see who has them in small sizes, they're so much more comfortable on long rides.

I find Specialized to have nice wide toeboxes (in men's and women's) compared to Shimano; have never worn Northwave.

Heathpack 01-11-14 07:42 PM

I am also a woman wearing men's road cycling shoes. They just fit best for me. Mine are Specialized.


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