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Daddy 01-12-14 02:07 PM

Cycling advocate, 10-wheels, involved a 1-person cycling accident
A full-time cyclist has taken a nasty spill while on a small group ride Saturday, January 11, 2014. Evidently, Bike Forums Moderator, 10-wheels, was following another rider at a customary distance when all of a sudden he fell into a ditch and hit his head on a solid object. Evidently, the helmet he was wearing 'cracked' (as it was described to me, so I'm assuming it impacted a 'solid object'). No one to my knowledge actually witnessed the fall and I haven't spoken with anyone who was riding with him (maybe only one other); perhaps more information will become available from fellow cyclists on this thread, so reasoning remains unclear. He is currently in the hospital after spending last night there and is complaining of an aching back. Although he does not remember anything about the accident, he repeats patterns of speech with his eyes closed. It's pretty safe to assume he has suffered a concussion although X-ray results are negative. He will be undergoing therapy to determine the extent of the injury but will likely remain in the hospital for several weeks.

I'm a high school classmate of his (Indiana) and can attest to his devotion to the world of cycling and for being one who doesn't discriminate between riders of different wheel-count (bikes/trikes), gender, cycling experience or social status to categorize his impartiality and his sharing of knowledge has helped bridge cycling differences far beyond the norm. For one, I hope for his full and speedy recovery.

With his over 24,000 posts on Bike Forums, I feel confident that the first thing he'll ask for ..............., is a computer! BLOW IT UP for him!

I will try to keep this thread current the best I can but would prefer it remain rather question free. Your hope for his recovery, WELCOMED. Thanks

seymour1910 01-12-14 02:14 PM

Really sad news, Fred is a common guy in the 41 and always sharing his experience as a cyclist. I think I speak for many of us when I say to give him my best.

znomit 01-12-14 02:18 PM

Best wishes, hoping for a speedy recovery and hot nurses.

WhyFi 01-12-14 02:22 PM

Sorry to hear - sending my best wishes for a speedy recovery.

datlas 01-12-14 02:23 PM

Also sending best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Daddy 01-12-14 02:32 PM

Condition pdate:

Evidently he will be released from the hospital soon (today?). Will try to post a ride vid we did a while back: [url]

the sci guy 01-12-14 02:35 PM

Damn he's down in my neck of the woods. Wonder where he was riding.
Get well, get well soon we wish you to get well!

nastystang 01-12-14 03:05 PM

Wishing a speedy recovery and hope everything comes out good in the end.

f4rrest 01-12-14 03:09 PM

Hope he's back online and back on the bike soon.

George 01-12-14 03:29 PM

Hi Fred, I haven't seen you on the forum and was wondering if something happen. I guess it did. Take care buddy and heal up fast. I hope you still can make your trip.

cplager 01-12-14 03:35 PM

10 wheels - get well soon!

freedomrider1 01-12-14 04:00 PM

Get Well soon :thumb:

bigfred 01-12-14 04:18 PM

Well that sucks!

At the point you see this, Welcome Back 10Wheels. Hoping you recover quickly.

Reynolds 01-12-14 05:40 PM

Sorry to hear that, get well soon 10 Wheels!

shoota 01-12-14 05:58 PM

That's terrible news. I'll keep him in my prayers.

canam73 01-12-14 06:25 PM

Best wishes to you, 10wheels.

Everyone else, take this as a reminder to ride safe and pay attention. This can happen, even to experienced riders on familiar roads.

Daddy 01-12-14 07:13 PM

Condition update
Condition update as of Sunday, 8:00PM EST as reported directly from a family member: "Physical therapy didn't get to him. He's staying over night. They got him to use a walker and it made him dizzy and he got sick. But, he's seeing much better. Hopefully, he will go home tomorrow."

qcpmsame 01-12-14 08:36 PM

Wow, that is a slap in the face and a gut punch all in one. 10 Wheels will be in my prayers for everything to work out for the best and no serious damage to his brain. Please keep us updated as to how he is doing, he has always been very nice and a friend to me beyond just the moderator to member type of chats.


labrat 01-12-14 09:05 PM

Wishing 10 wheels a full and speedy recovery.

doctor j 01-12-14 09:10 PM

Prayers for a speedy recovery, 10-Wheels.

Ricanfred 01-12-14 09:16 PM

Best wishes for a speedy recovery!!

Nachoman 01-12-14 09:27 PM

My thoughts right now are with 10 wheels and his family.

Beaker 01-12-14 09:44 PM

Best wishes for a complete and speedy recovery, 10 wheels.

chaadster 01-12-14 10:02 PM

Sorry to hear of the accident, 10Wheels, but I'm glad it sounds like things are gonna be ok. Take your time and recover well and right.

Long Tom 01-12-14 10:13 PM

Oh man... sounds like my concussion... the repeating speech stuff (looping), I did that for a couple of hours. :(

10 Wheels- get well man and I hope your recovery is swift and sure!

I did whole bunches of cognitive rehab and testing and it was pretty recent. I may be able to help you out. Be advised there's (probably) some heavy emotional stuff inbound. Keep you loved ones close, DO NOT DRIVE A CAR, and give your brain weeks and weeks of peaceful, quiet rest in a dark place. I'm not kidding. Brains are adaptive and malleable and you can "hardwire" in stress vectors and involuntary responses and so on, if you push a healing brain.

On the upside, the biggest turning point for me came about 9-10 months in when I started back to highly aerobic exercise. It helps a LOT. Being an avid cyclist you'll be able to dial up the wattage and bathe your brain in oxygen, once you can get back on the bike.

Best wishes and do not hesitate to ask about this stuff!! I have BTDT and might have valuable insights or suggestions.

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