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RIRview 03-11-14 12:53 PM

Suggest meeting a potential buyer of a high-ticket item in front of a police station. Seriously. That will eliminate the scammers/sketchy characters from the legit buyers.

BigJeff 03-11-14 08:24 PM


Originally Posted by lgp927 (Post 16568316)
Obviously you don't watch or read the news ! For example last year a father and son went to someone's house to purchase a phone for son, dad went and knocked on door people came out and started harassing him dad tried to leave and got shot dead .the horror stories go on and on, rule for me if I buy or sell on CL is meet at public place with lots of people around if you feel item is stolen ask the seller if you can take a pic of him with item or write a quick bill of sale , that will cya . My .02

Use a cell phone and call from the front yard if you don't want to knock on doors.

or you can donate it to charity and get a tax deduction. :) Macklemore needs a fresh ride.

(cars are donated all the time and they are typically worth more)

dokterd1 03-12-14 07:37 PM

I think ill find out what its worth by just throwing a no reserve auction at $1 and letting it fly
that will be my answer.

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