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Shinkers 03-12-14 09:32 PM

Max lines on your saddle rails...

I have a real quick (probably stupid) question. I recently put a Charge Spoon saddle on my bike, would have been a month or so ago, but I've only been on a couple rides with it. When I put it on, I went off of the nose to headset cap measurement, so they were identical (and the same as my other bike).

Anyway, I got looking today, and realized that the bottom portion of the saddle clamp on my seatpost is HUGE, and almost exactly as big as the section between the 'max' lines on my saddle. So even though my saddle is nearly centered in the clamp (only 2 or 3 mm back) the bottom half of my clamp is outside of the 'max' lines. My common sense says no, since the top half of the clamp is well within the lines, but I'm a newb and don't know if there's some weird quirky thing with bike saddles.

It has CrMo rails.

Also, if anyone had any idea of what I should torque the clamp to I'd appreciate it. Right now I have them at 'firmly snug' but I'd like to take my torque wrench to it if I had a number.


Shinkers 03-12-14 11:30 PM

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This is the situation I'm in (different pic, but almost identical circumstances).

The top half of my clamp is a bit smaller than this one, and I'm not quite as far over the max line, but other than that, identical.

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