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custmchop 03-13-14 07:10 PM

Seeking answers for a possibly dumb Garmin question
Just curious about what most of you do in this case. Just over a week ago I picked up my new Scott Foil 15. By far more bike than I need or ever really thought I'd have. It's a big step up over my Trek 2.1.

With that being said, I have a Garmin 500 that I was using on my old bike and went ahead and ordered another speed/cadence sensor (GSC-10) for the new one. Do you typically run these on this bike or any similar bikes? I've been riding with just the computer, but I always wonder how accurate it is and I train using cadence sometimes which is why I ordered a new sensor.

Any help and or opinions are greatly appreciated.


Zero7 03-13-14 07:46 PM

I run my Garmin 510 on both the Wilier and Litespeed. Each has its own cadence/speed sensor and mount, and they work great.


RollCNY 03-13-14 07:56 PM

I have a GSC-10 on my steel single speed, so I can safely say it makes far more sense on your bike than mine. :thumb:

JimF22003 03-14-14 01:58 AM

FWIW I never put a speed wheel sensor on with my GPS devices. The GPS speed is plenty accurate for my purposes. I don't care what "speed" I'm going when I'm on a trainer or something. I don't use the cadence sensor either, but I can see why that would be useful.

FLvector 03-14-14 05:53 AM

The display using the GSC-10 sensor is quicker to respond to sudden and even slow changes in speed. When using GPS it seems to take a while to catch up. Knowing exactly what your cadence is will help in your training. There are times that I forget to charge the battery in the 500 and have some of the best rides. Don't get too anal with the numbers. Enjoy the Foil.

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