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Dannihilator 03-16-14 07:55 AM

I have two pair of the zero gloves, when one needs washing I wash the and let them air dry and rotate the other one to use until they need to be washed.

RPK79 03-16-14 09:05 AM


Originally Posted by doctor j (Post 16580789)
I've had good luck with Specialized BG gloves for Spring, Summer, and Fall.


Originally Posted by Slackerprince (Post 16581410)
Spesh BG Gel.
Pretty thick padding on the palm and I like it.
Their newer material on the tops resist sticking to the velcro straps, so there's no wear and tear, like older models that I also have.
I think Spesh R & D is some of the best.
FWIW, I always use their Rib Cages and I use Dirt Rodz bar ends for my hybrid.



Originally Posted by JoeB14 (Post 16581669)
I also like the Specialized BG gloves. Been using them for many years.


Started using BG Gel gloves last season and I will buy another pair when my current ones wear out.

SpeshulEd 03-16-14 09:24 AM

Almost all of my gloves are giro. I just picked up the zeros but haven't worn them yet.

I also have the all leather LX's, which are a nice spring/fall glove with light padding.
The LTZ's are nice if you don't like padding, they have the longer aero cuffs and a synthetic bottom that feel great on the hands.
The Gilman long fingured gloves for winter.

And I have a set of the leather Knog Eff Off gloves, which I wear when I'm feeling feisty.

dan911 03-16-14 09:36 AM

Louis Garneau MONDO : GANTS MONDO :: Louis Garneau

RPK79 03-16-14 09:39 AM

The last pair of Giro I had fell apart in a couple months. If I'm going to pay top dollar for gloves they have to give me more use than that. They were comfortable while they lasted though.

darb85 03-16-14 11:17 AM

another for specialized BG Gel

BoJaffa 03-16-14 11:57 AM

My LBS carries Bontrager stuff for the most part.. Their gloves seem to be good and get the job done. Decent padding and hold up well to washing in the machine.

Raedyn 03-16-14 12:24 PM

Roeckl. I picked up a pair because they had plenty of padding, had the finger hooks (makes the glove easy to pull off), and looked nice. I had never heard of the brand before, but I absolutely love them.

elcruxio 03-17-14 01:50 AM

Mechanix originals.
Durable, not too expensive and fit (hehe) like a glove :P

I don't like padding on my gloves. Dampens the road feel and if my hands hurt that is an indication of bad fit which needs to be remedied with something else than gloves (on that point I do pad my bars with one extra tape strip but then again that also gives a bit of thickness for my large hands)

caloso 03-17-14 02:18 PM

Another vote for Mechanix. No padding, good fit, inexpensive, available at any hardware or auto parts store. What's not to like?

elcruxio 03-18-14 02:05 AM

And they apparently come fingerless these days

Nachoman 03-18-14 07:50 AM
I have one in every color. Performance bike s short finger terry glove. They're pretty thick and have lots of terry cloth to wipe sweat and snot. And they're super cheap. You can find them on sale for less than ten dollars.

JakiChan 03-18-14 04:27 PM


Originally Posted by BoSoxYacht (Post 16581079)
I use PI Pro Pittards, or Giro Zero gloves. Both are unpadded leather palmed gloves without Velcro wristbands.

I use the Gel version of the PI Pro Pittards. Love 'em. They fit just right, and no velcro to fight with.

moonlessnight 03-18-14 04:41 PM

I have a pair of Pearl Izumi gloves I wear and really enjoy...then again its the only pair I've ever owned. My wife has a cheap pair of Schwinn gloves that she likes but I doubt they will last too long.

flyfisherbob 03-18-14 05:33 PM


Originally Posted by dan911 (Post 16582127)
Louis Garneau MONDO : GANTS MONDO :: Louis Garneau

What he said!

Carbonfiberboy 03-18-14 09:09 PM

Bontrager gel. Good nerve protection and are durable.

roadandmountain 03-18-14 10:46 PM

Nashbar gloves = horrible.

Fox gloves = awesome.

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