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falconfixie 03-15-14 07:08 PM

SRAM RED Black Edition, Barrel Adjuster Washer
Hey all,

Long time listener, first time poster. I followed the common advice and did a search of the forums, but couldn't turn anything up. I just acquired a SRAM RED black edition gruppo and I'm noticing something curious about the brake set. One of the brakes (the front one) has the barrel adjust washer that makes turning the barrel adjust click, and the back brake does not have this washer (the barrel adjust turns without clicking, but still seems to adjust). I haven't installed cables yet.

Is the absence of this washer going to affect the performance of the brake set? Or is the only function of the washer to provide a clicking to help gauge turns of the barrel adjuster?


Front: (if tabs on bottom of barrel adjuster turn, they click against washer)
Rear: Hopefully you can see outline of notch where plastic click washer should be.



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