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zDeaD 03-16-14 11:40 AM

Need help deciding
So I am looking for a need bike. As of right now I am riding a Novara Divano 2011 series. I live in the city with a good amount of pot holes and not so clean streets. I have lost a hand full of tubes to sharp rocks and pot holes that I did not see coming (Also the bike is a bit to small for me now i am 5'9" or 1meter 22CM) . So I decided that I should buy another bike because this one is not really at my needs. I need a bike that really wont break the bank, is good for long distance rides and also durable. I was looking at some cyclocross bikes because of their ability to ride on rough terrain and their speed. But are they good for long distance riding like 30+ mile rides. I'm 17 right now so i cant really afford like a 2,000$+ bikes. If someone could point me in the right direction or hand me some good tips that would be much appreciated.

Thank you:)

SpeshulEd 03-16-14 12:06 PM

I only have experience with "want" bikes not "need" bikes.

However, potholes and sharp rocks will flat practically any tire on any bike. You should avoid those. A cyclecross bike will let you run wider tires, but a sharp rock could still splice the tires. I think a different tire might help more than a new bike...but since you say the bike is too small, then I understand. Still, I'm not sure how much of an improvement you'll make with your current budget.

zDeaD 03-16-14 02:45 PM

Sorry ignore that "need". That's not suppose to be there

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