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digibud 03-16-14 11:40 AM

tucson ride video
I went down to Tucson for two weeks of riding with friends, family and some solo riding. I found my gopro mounted video to be horribly jarring but also climbed Mt. Lemmon and put the gopro on my sisters car which worked reasonably well. The video is 15min and mostly meant for family and friends; it starts with some short footage of my friends bird feeders but if you can tolerate that you might enjoy some of the views descending Mt. Lemmon and some of the stills. Mt Lemmon involves ~ 50mi (total) of riding and 6,000 feet of climbing.

the video was take down due to copyright issues with the songs I used :(

SpeshulEd 03-16-14 11:59 AM

Video is private.

digibud 03-16-14 12:09 PM

thanks. made it unlisted which should still work given the url posted.

I would encourage you to watch it in as high a resolution as you can deal with in terms of bandwidth.

SpeshulEd 03-16-14 12:16 PM

I didn't watch the whole thing yet, but I really need to take my bike down to Tucson.

BikeLockHolmes 03-18-14 04:52 PM


Originally Posted by digibud (Post 16582490)
...the video was take down due to copyright issues with the songs I used :(

Glad I saw it before it was taken down. Thank you for sharing it.

What time of day and which day(s) of the week was your video shot? I was in Tucson for a few days of riding this time last year. But I didn't get to make it up to Mount Lemmon. I will definitely make a point of getting there next time though. It would be awesome if all day, everyday car traffic heading up to Mount Lemmon will be as light as what I'm seeing in your vid, the next time I'm there.

digibud 03-18-14 06:44 PM

I think I got started around 10:30 AM or so and I took a long time to get up there so that was seemingly typical traffic - not very big.

If anyone wants to see the vid they can toss a PM and I'll give them an invite to my dropbox.

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