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waitinc 05-13-14 02:05 PM

Mystery Madone...
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Hello all,

I am brand new to the forum and am looking for your help. I have found a Trek Madone frame on Ebay but have no way of confirming whether it is a Madone or even a Trek. The problem is there are only four stickers on the frame. Two big Trek stickers and two small OCLV stickers but nothing stating Madone or even resembling a Madone graphics-wise.
It appears to be a pre-2008 geometry but I am not entirely sure and either is the seller. I also called Trek directly and they couldnt confirm or deny whether the serial number is any good as they have changed their systems over the years.

Could it be a project one custom build?


Thank you!

dtrain 05-13-14 02:09 PM

Don't see that type of downtube boss very often these days. Easily pre-2008

jimc101 05-13-14 02:22 PM

Nothing about it shouts Madone, the dropouts shout late 1990's or early 2000's OCLV, for which one, maybe you will find it in one of their old catalogs Catalogues | Trek Archive | Retrobike

zymphad 05-13-14 02:23 PM

Trek 2005/2006 Madone SSL? 2006 use similar dropout, 2007 does not. 2006 looks closest to me.

zymphad 05-13-14 02:35 PM

But yeah, to me it does look like an OCLV Trek Madone based on the 2006 models I'm looking at.

I'd be surprised if there are knock-off counterfeits of Trek carbon bikes from 2006.

waitinc 05-13-14 05:34 PM

Thanks everybody, that was very helpful and I think I'm convinced it's legit after zooming and comparing for hours now, lol.

Another question...

If you had your choice between this 2005-07ish Madone or a 1998 Klein Quantum Race, what would you choose? Are they even close? From what I can tell, these Kleins are coveted enough to make me think I can compare but again, I am a noob and will defer to the tenured masses. Is the amazing Klein paint job confusing me into thinking its worthy to compare to the Madone, lol?

BTW: Intended use is all around riding in Tucson. I want something fast and comfy enough for a century ride that wont bog me down on big climbs. I currently have a restored Cross Check with 105 components that has been a blast to build my strength with but all my carbon riding friends seem to drop me in the down hills so I want to turn it into a SS 29er instead.


waitinc 05-14-14 09:58 AM


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