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riceman 06-25-14 08:11 AM

Ultegra 6500 name plate
I inherited a set of 6500 Ultegra shifters that work fine but both name plates are broken.
Does anyway know where I can get new name plates. Also is there any other model shifter name plates that would work with the 6500's.

Thank you for any help.

BoSoxYacht 06-25-14 08:28 AM

Your best bet is to start calling shops asking about them. It's been 10 years, so small spare parts are going to be hard to find.

seymour1910 06-25-14 08:56 AM

very true, these nameplates are rare right now. If you do find a set be ready to pay a premium for them.

dtrain 06-25-14 10:10 AM

6500 and 6510 nameplates are both rare...but are different. I think 5500 will work for 6500. 5510 and r600 can be used in place of 6510. All of these nameplates (and hoods) are hard to find, and typically expensive when you do.

Here's a set of 6510's; they'll go for a lot (over $50 already):

Marwoz87 11-25-14 07:52 PM

Hey guys. I am working on getting the 5500/6500 caps 3d printed like the 6510s I have on eBay. I will take me probably a month before they are ready. Must a heads up. They should be gray with a gloss clear coat finish

Marwoz87 03-12-15 09:14 PM

Hi there. I finally have a couple sets of 6500/5500 nameplate covers. I put them up on eBay. Do a search and you should find them easily.

bt 03-12-15 10:16 PM

why not just throw up a link

Marwoz87 03-14-15 03:26 PM

Ok. I'll give this a try. Here is a link. Hope it works

Shimano STI Ultegra 6500 9 105 5500 9 Sora 3300 8 SPD Nameplate Covers Pair | eBay

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