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Jaxxx 06-26-14 09:44 AM

Used Motobecane le champion SL, how much is it worth????
Found a used one but not sure if it's a good bike, it's worth, or year.

I'll try to get pics uploaded won't let me right now

dtrain 06-26-14 10:21 AM

I'd say somewhere between $200-$800. IOW, we'd need way more info (and probably pics) to help you out.

rms13 06-26-14 10:38 AM

Depends on year and components. The current model sells for $2199 with full Ultegra 22 speed , Titanium frame and full carbon fork, Mavic Ksyrium wheels.

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If it was that same bike in good condition it's probably worth over $1000. If it's an older version maybe less

Jaxxx 06-26-14 10:55 AM

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here are the picss..let me know asap..gonna have to tell the seller how much soon

Jaxxx 06-26-14 10:56 AM

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upside up

Jaxxx 06-26-14 10:59 AM

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more picss

dtrain 06-26-14 11:06 AM

That's about an '07 and they sold back in the day for ~$1100 (despite a much higher 'MSRP'). I'd say with those wheels and most of a 6600 group, it's still worth ~$500.

Elvo 06-26-14 11:07 AM

$600 max

Jaxxx 06-26-14 11:46 AM

so $500 would be a good price?

Jaxxx 07-14-14 05:52 AM

Bump looking at it today... Will try $400 ?

rms13 07-14-14 08:28 AM


Originally Posted by Jaxxx (Post 16936210)
Bump looking at it today... Will try $400 ?

Sounds like a good place to start

Canker 07-15-14 02:09 AM

2006 Motobecane Le Champion SL - New and Used Bike Value

For what it is worth

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