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DC777Fan 08-07-14 02:18 PM

What do we have here?
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Can somebody help me figure out what type of bike this is, year, and ideally a ballpark value as well. Neither of us are bikers, and my fiancee got this bike from her mom. She wants to sell it, and I told her I'd help her figure out the value. I know value isn't an exact science, but maybe at least what would be a "good offer" and what would be a "bad" one...

We'll probably take a shot with Craigslist, and if we don't get much, walk it up the street to the shop that buys and sells and see what they offer.

I tried to take a picture of everything I could that was labeled...

Lazyass 08-07-14 02:23 PM

This is what you have.

2001 Cannondale R800 - BikePedia

Blue Book value FWIW

2001 Cannondale R800 - New and Used Bike Value

dtrain 08-07-14 02:28 PM

$500 obo? A bit less maybe...

Germany_chris 08-07-14 02:34 PM


dtrain 08-07-14 02:41 PM

What area are you in DC777Fan? That can make a big difference.

tagaproject6 08-07-14 03:04 PM

$300. $400 tops.

dtrain 08-07-14 03:12 PM

I think you are all underselling this a bit. Here's a very similar bike, a 2002 CAAD4 r500, which is one notch down on the spec'ed components. It's at $400 shipped and still has 27 hours to go:

Cannondale CAAD4 R500 | eBay

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