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How do you store your cycling kit?

Road Cycling “It is by riding a bicycle that you learn the contours of a country best, since you have to sweat up the hills and coast down them. Thus you remember them as they actually are, while in a motor car only a high hill impresses you, and you have no such accurate remembrance of country you have driven through as you gain by riding a bicycle.” -- Ernest Hemingway

How do you store your cycling kit?

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How do you store your cycling kit?

BF readers,

How do you store your clean jerseys, shorts, bibs, tights etc?
rod hung?

let me know.


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Hang um up...
Fred "The Real Fred"

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Hanger in the closet. The little dimples on the shoulders that the hangers create make them more aero.
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drawer all bunched up
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Jerseys, jackets, bibs, tights base layers on hangers. Shorts, socks, caps/hats/balaclava, gloves, shoe covers folded (or not) in drawers.
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Everything gets pushed into my cycling storage box.
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I'm doing it wrong.
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On the couch, in the chair, on the kitchen table, thrown on the floor, or in the laundry basket.

Clearly, laundry is an issue in my house.
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everything was in a drawer until I couldn't close it any more. then moved the bibs to a closet and hang the straps on a belt hanger
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shoulder hangers for the jerseys. Clip hangers for the shorts gloves and balaclavas. everything gets hung dried. I open the vent in the closet and shut the door.
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Jerseys hang in the closet, bibs and socks get stuffed in a dresser drawer. Everything else gets put in my cycling bag when it comes out of the dryer.
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Mixed in with all other sports gear in a clear container box. I do a go-through twice a year where winter/summer stuff rises to the top/sinks to the bottom; at this time I try to split cycling to one side, other sports to the other, but certain items (base layers, socks) overlap between sports and end up making it a bit messy by season's end.
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well hello there
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Everything in drawers, except I hang gloves and caps on this thing in the garage with the bikes.

Two wheels good. Four wheels bad.
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I use a closet shoe organizer like this:

I wrap the bibs and baselayer in the jersey and then stuff it in the cubby. Since I've been racing for a few years I have a lot of sets of old team kit that I use for training. Then I can just grab the whole kit without having to hunt for stuff and turn on the light and disturb my wife.
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folded, sometimes crammed, into Rubbermaid easy access storage bins under our bed. Easy to get out of in the morning, pull out the bin, grab and go.
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I never hang them on a hanger. They do stretch out after a while.

I have a few storage bins of kits, my gear bag has my current kits, and these cardboard boxes hold my current round of trainer kits. No need to fold kits except to pack them tighter. Bins are 96? quart storage totes I have a few of them.

Cardboard boxes:

Gear bag looks sort of like this.

And holds this. Old pictures/kit so a lot of the blue/green stuff is now in the trainer box, only the all black stuff stayed in the gear bag.

As I use kits they go to the hamper, when washed they're tossed into the cardboard boxes or the gear bag. If the kit is suddenly precious to me I'll move it to one of the storage totes.
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Lead-lined box.
Originally Posted by patentcad
If this thread doesn't go 10 pages I'm quitting BF.
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a bunch of 3m command hooks on the back of the bathroom door. leg warmers are on a kiddie clothes hanger (the type with 2 spring-loaded clips) so that the pair stays together and only needs one hook.
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My maid washes my cycling clothes and lays them out for me before each ride. What she does with them in between does not concern me as long as they are clean and not wrinkled.
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Originally Posted by Fly2High
BF readers,

How do you store your clean jerseys, shorts, bibs, tights etc?
rod hung?

let me know.



At the moment ...

Tops in one large duffle bag ... bottoms in another. Stacked in one corner of the dressing room.
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Originally Posted by caloso
I use a closet shoe organizer like this:

Those are pretty handy. I have something similar holding tshirts, swim trunks, gym shorts, etc - stuff that doesn't matter if its a bit wrinkled, but it's full. If I had more closet space, I'd probably get another, or, since I let jerseys and bibs air dry on hangers to begin with, I'd just keep them hanging. But as it is, jerseys and bibs are rolled up/rumpled in a couple of drawers. Shoes are under a desk, helmet, gloves and cap on top of same desk. Jackets are either draped over the back of a chair or folded up on a shelf in the closet.
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Lay them out for rotation... After dry, hang um high... On some of the outer layers I can get two rides before they need a wash...
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Jerseys hung; shorts, bibs, tights in a drawer; socks, croakies, and gloves in a plastic shoe storage box on the shelf.

Originally Posted by LAJ
No matter where I go, here I am...
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Originally Posted by indyfabz
My maid washes my cycling clothes and lays them out for me before each ride. What she does with them in between does not concern me as long as they are clean and not wrinkled.
My valet does the same. I do wonder what cream he applies to my bum before he dresses me, though.
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If I bother to put away laundry instead of just leaving it in a basket on top of the dryer, the stuff I like (favorite jersey's, etc) gets hung up. The rest, which only gets worn when I haven't washed the stuff I like, gets shoved in a drawer.
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Hang Jersey's and nice bibs to a door coat rack... the rest of the stuff is piled on top of each other..
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