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no1mad 01-01-17 10:52 PM

Pay It Forward 2017!
Same rules as last year (and the year before and...)

Originally Posted by Siu Blue Wind, Lead Admin
This is the pay it forward thread where the idea is to give away something that others might be able to use. Please understand that members here are giving away something without charging, and that it is customary to pay for the shipping if you are the recipient of that item. To continue the good spirit, we ask that if you find something that you no longer can use, perhaps you can pay that forward to someone else to pass on the good mojo.

If you are the person giving away the item, please let others know that it has been spoken for. If you have received an item, please let the person who sent it to you know that it arrived. Pics of it in use is always a bonus.

Please do not ask for items, this is not the thread to do so. Another thing that I ask is, please do not put claim to a lot of items here, lets give every one a chance to be the recipient of a gift.

Please note that IB and Bike Forums are not and will not be held responsible for any personal info given out or transactions that do not come out as hoped as well as any negative backlash.


Linky to last year's ->

Rollfast 01-13-17 01:50 PM

Following up from one of last year's PIFs...Thank you Unworthy1 for the tools (6mm hex stem and flat wrench). It seems to be my bike DAY as I also got all the stuff I bought, the two Safe-T-Horns for Tempest and Germaine and Troxel seat for my next Rollfast Beryl.

It was on the C&V PIF I now gather...

So I thanked him twice.

Vector 01-20-17 09:28 AM

Thanks to Longbeachgary for the wheels from PIF 2016.

Vector 01-20-17 09:30 AM

A road handlebar FIRE Cannondale 255g - 6061 - t6 butted alloy, 42 cm 31.8 mm.

New, black with some minor scratches.

Local pick up in Brooklyn, NY.

longbeachgary 02-09-17 02:51 PM

Originally Posted by Vector (Post 19324461)
Thanks to Longbeachgary for the wheels from PIF 2016.

Your welcome.

longbeachgary 02-09-17 02:56 PM

I have a GoPro Hero 3 near perfect condition - I'm not sure what accessories will come with it but I should have an oem housing but no cable or mini SD card. I'll keep this up here for a week and then off to GoodWill or craigslist.

****EDIT*** First to claim was bikepro.

More stuff later

Rollfast 02-10-17 02:44 AM

Can I claim the Go Pro? PM being sent... With all the additions to my bike family it should finally be time I make a live action video for my You Tube saga Tempest The Grey Bike Grows Up, and I haven't made an installment since June 2012 as well (shame on me).

BounceCT 02-12-17 06:19 AM

I may have a couple well used jersey's (mostly Medium) not sure anyone would be interested though just throwing it out there.

anixi 02-13-17 08:15 PM

Greetings all,

I'm a technician, so, when I received some tweezers that didn't make the cut, the ebay seller gave me a primo set to replace them.

Here are the slightly defective Swiss made tweezers for anyone willing to shell out the $6.80 in shipping:

stykthyn 02-19-17 04:54 PM

Set of modolo drop bars and a 110 quill stem attached.

alpine 318is 02-21-17 01:31 PM

tandom bike GXP Bottom bracket for free. Just pay shipping.

Alan762 03-07-17 09:25 AM

Cateye Padrone Smart
Upgraded to a Garmin 520.

Used Cateye Padrone Smart with "new battery" with 2 forward mounts, 2 cadence speed sensors 1 heart rate sensor and strap.

"sensors are Bluetooth" not Ant+, won't work with Garmin.

Been using Cateye since the beginning of time all great units lasted for years.

After 2 years of suffering with syncing to iPhone I give up. Thumbs down!

It just lost all of my February Data.

This would be an OK unit standalone or maybe with Android.

Sensors drop out, it eats batteries.

First I will take it followed my PM gets it.

Alan762 03-07-17 11:01 AM

I can not respond to PM. Leave email in pm.

Alan762 03-07-17 03:24 PM

Now I can't even see the PM since I don't have 10 posts, what CRAP!

BounceCT 03-07-17 03:45 PM

Cateye claimed. Thanks Alan.

BounceCT 03-07-17 03:53 PM

I meant to post this last week, just got busy with work and enjoying my upgraded bike.

So I've got some old well used 9 speed Shimano Tiagra parts now that I've converted to 11 speed (Finally!)
1. Tiagra Front Derailleur (FD-4500, double, 34.9 clamp)
2. Tiagra Rear Derailleur (RD-4500, sliver)
3. 9 speed Tiagra shifters, (double; work ok, but left one is scraped from fall i took last summer)

Jakedatc 03-07-17 08:55 PM

PM sent about shifters (though my friend i was messaging for might PM you himself)

Alan762 03-08-17 08:29 AM

Cateye spoken for to BounceCT.

longbeachgary 03-09-17 07:51 PM

Please remember to let the sender know when you receive a PIF item. It "slipped your mind" or "you were too busy" are not great excuses when the sender has packed the item up, taken it to the post office and in many cases, paid shipping out of their own pocket. The last thing we want is some really good stuff going off to Goodwill rather than being shared here.

Rollfast 03-09-17 10:40 PM

Thank you for the excellent advice, Gary.

phalkie 04-02-17 11:02 AM

I'd like to take it if still available

Originally Posted by stykthyn (Post 19389019)
Set of modolo drop bars and a 110 quill stem attached.

What's the width? Thanks!

stykthyn 04-02-17 12:27 PM

Originally Posted by phalkie (Post 19484004)
What's the width? Thanks!

I'll have to measure but I'm pretty sure they are 44cm

notenoughdaylig 04-02-17 04:49 PM

4 Attachment(s)
I'm long overdue here. Look pedals. Bearings are great. Springs seem fine. I have not ridden these as they came in a box with other parts. Yours for shipping.

phalkie 04-02-17 10:08 PM

Too wide for me but thanks!

Originally Posted by stykthyn (Post 19484129)
I'll have to measure but I'm pretty sure they are 44cm

Too wide for me but thanks!

longbeachgary 04-03-17 10:11 AM

2 things up for grabs today.

First is an Ultegra 52/36 11 speed crank 172.5

Second is a 105 52/36 11 speed crank 172.5

Both are new take-offs. Never ridden. They are also available locally - will keep them up here for a week and then off to goodwill.

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